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The Thirty Year Death Metal Legacy of Centinex

The Thirty Year Death Metal Legacy of Centinex

Photo Credit: Jelena Sulce

The Thirty Year Death Metal Legacy of Centinex

Centinex slammed into existence in 1990, quickly becoming an integral part of the legendary Swedish death metal movement.  With a brillant career of iconic albums to their credit, Centinex has now unleashed Death In Pieces, their 11th full length manisfesto, now available via Agonia Records.  Celebrating their 30th anniversary, Centinex remain a mighty force within the worldwide death metal scene.  Highwire Daze recently interviewed founding member Martin Schulman to discuss the glorious legacy of Centinex and their devastating new album Death In Pieces!  Read on..

Is there any overall story or concept behind the Death In Pieces title? Congrats on the very amazing new album by the way!
Thanks, great you like it! No not really to be honest, just wanted a title that suits the band, music, album and concept.

How do you think Death In Pieces compares to the previous Centinex releases?
If you compare it to the two previous albums, Redeeming Filth and Doomsday Rituals, it’s pretty much in the same line. Maybe a bit more fast stuff and some thrash elements. But no need to change a winning concept you know…

How did your new vocalist Henrik Andersson become involved with Centinex and what were his previous credits?
I was looking around for a new vocalist, checking different Swedish dudes, both more known and unknown. It was important to find someone who would fit in not only musically but also personally, for me it’s like equally important that the personal chemistry works as the musical aspect.  So I came across Henrik, I knew who he was but didn’t really know him, we had a talk and quite fast I realized he’s the right guy for the position.  He has been in various bands since the early 90’s but not really in any known ones.

Cover Artwork: Bahrull Marta

Who did the cover art for Death In Pieces and how much influence did you have on it?
The artwork was done by an artist named Bahrull Marta from Indonesia. He did the artwork also for our previous album and as we were preparing Death In Pieces I asked Bahrull if he had any unused art available. He showed me that and I noticed right away that this is it, this would be perfect for our new album.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the band and the release of your new album and any live shows?
It hasn’t affected the album release but it did affect al our scheduled shows for the spring and summer. That’s a pity as we had some great European festivals lined up to support the album but all these were cancelled… or let’s say, postponed to 2021 instead.  Lets hope this shit ends soon or at least lands on a somewhat lower lever so life can turn back to normal.

When you look back on the Centinex albums from the 90’s, what do you think of them now in retrospect? I first covered Centinex back when you were on Repulse Records.
They represent the band from that period, that’s about it. I’m not asked of them or anything but they are hardly anything I listen to on a daily basis.  Yeah we were on Repulse around 1998 – 2002 and that label did a lot of good things for us. Great memories.

What could one expect from a live Centinex show?
Sweaty guys, headbanging, brutal and loud death!

Has Centinex ever played here in the States and if so, how did the show(s) go?
Centinex has played the US twice. First time was back in 2001 at the March Metal Meltdown Fest in NJ and second time was in 2016 at Maryland Deathfest.  Would like to come back and promote this new album but hard to find any good promoter who could set up something for us… and now this pandemic shit put everything on hiatus!

Are you still doing Demonical? If so, what is going on with the band and any new music on the horizon?
I’m still doing Demonical. We are right now in the studio recording our sixth full-length for a fall 2020 release through Agonia Records.

Has Centinex and Demonical ever played any shows or tours together or would want to? If so, how did it go?
Never done any touring with both bands but I have played some festivals. Like one of the bands on Friday and the second on Saturday. Went fine and will do more such fests during this and next year.

Did Kreator ever hear or comment on your covers of Under the Guillotine and Ripping Corpse?
Nope never heard from them and I didn’t ask either. Their early albums are true classics!

What do you think has kept you so passionate Centinex and metal music for nearly 30 years now?
I just like playing death metal, simple as that really. I do admit that I don’t maybe listen to that genre so much, besides all those classic albums from the early 90’s, but I do enjoy playing that style and foremost, writing death metal tracks.

What’s up next for Centinex?
Wait until this fucking virus disappears and then start playing shows and promote the album live in action!

Any final words of wisdom?
Death metal matters!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!
Thanks for your support. Keep the banner high!

Henka Andersson – vocals
Jorgen Kristensen – guitars
Martin Schulman – bass
Florian Rehn – drums

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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