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Love Notes by The Color Wild (Self-released EP)

Love Notes by The Color Wild (Self-released EP)

Love Notes by The Color Wild (Self-released EP)

The Color Wild released Clean on Artery Recordings in 2017 – and it was one of the most scandalously underrated pop rock EP’s of that year. Jammed packed with magical tunes such as Wild Things, Brighter Than The Sun and the inspiring title track, Clean was a vibrant work of pure pop rocking perfection. And now three years later, The Color Wild has unveiled a brand new EP entitled Love Notes upon the world at large. Three years has certainly matured The Color Wild, and Love Notes is sure to be greeted with appreciation and ardor by all types of music fans. Why this band isn’t signed and playing arenas is the greatest mystery of all, but The Color Wild perseveres on – and what a tremendously fully realized and ultimately uplifting work of artistry Love Notes is!

Love Notes opens with the soulful refrains of Somehow, supremely infectious and hooking the listener in for even more blissful reprieves. Say It To My Face is up next – a gorgeously romantic track that has hit single potential written all over it. Back Of My Mind is a bouncy new wave-tinged dance track showing just how smooth and suave The Color Wild auditory journey can be.

Closure is a persuasive ballad about coming to grips with the end of a relationship with its poignant “I’ve just got to get you off my mind” sentiments. The Color Wild then presents the spiraling Breaking Down My Walls, with warm electronic soundscapes and sweetly reflective lyrics. And then closing out the Love Notes odyssey is the stylish Waiting For You, another selection that should be heard all over the worldwide radio airwaves.

The indie pop quartet consists of California natives (and brothers) Jesse Crosson (keys, guitars, vocals), Kyle Crosson (vocals), Jaden Crosson (drums), and Josh Hansen (lead guitar).  In a year where Covid-19 and social injustice reigned supreme, Love Notes by The Color Wild is the gloriously refreshing sonic remedy we all need as continue to face these turbulent times.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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