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Lockdown by Joker’s Hand (Self-released)

Lockdown by Joker’s Hand (Self-released)

Lockdown by Joker’s Hand (Self-released)

The vast and varied Los Angeles music scene has pretty much disappeared due to these pandemic days.  And with absolutely no restart in sight for live shows and touring, musicians have certainly come up with other ways to express themselves with the frustration of living in these times through their art.  Local indie alternative collective Joker’s Hand has come up with their next single Lockdown while in isolation, and it’s destined to place this massively talented band on the radar of music fans above and beyond the fabled City of Angels.

Through the magic of Instagram is where many have discovered the gloriously ironic refrains of Lockdown.  The music video for the song takes place on the top of a building overlooking the city of Los Angeles, as the supremely infectious chorus reverberates thoughout: “Waking up on lockdown, normalcy is shut down, living in a world driven by fear, holding out so I can have you near…”  It looks like each and every part of the video adhered to social distancing, with no two-shots on the roof of the building and the drummer delivering his parts from either at home or in a studio.   More than just a novelty song about the entire world being stuck in quarantine, the vibrant emotions and keen observations found within Lockdown are absolutely on point, and could easily take this band to the next level.  This is probably the best indie song you’ll rock it out to in 2020 and one this band will be performing long after the pandemic comes to an end!

Photo Credit: Janna Molano

Founded by Kevin Kawano and Matthew Lau who met while attending film school at UC Santa Cruz, Joker’s Hand is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who give a good listen.  Kawano even directed the Lockdown video.  Along with Kawano’s passionate vocals and guitar performance and Lau’s equally impressive axe work and backing vox, Joker’s Hand is dealt out with skill and conviction by Blake Baldwin on bass and Aviv Cohen on drums.

With a superb Self-Titled EP that was released in March and the recent unveiling of their new single Lockdown, Joker’s Hand truly provides a rocking soundtrack to these dark Covid-19 times and a world riddled with social unrest.  Expect to hear a lot more from this tremendously talented band in the future.  Once everything reopens again, be sure catch up with Joker’s Hand in the clubs of Los Angeles and beyond – because judging by what they all did separately on the Lockdown video, a live show together is sure to be absolutely explosive and something we could all look forward to in these tumultuous times.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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