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Freedom Of Speech by Mentalist (Pride & Joy Music)

Freedom Of Speech by Mentalist (Pride & Joy Music)

Freedom Of Speech by Mentalist (Pride & Joy Music)

Fans of Blind Guardian, Helloween, and even Iron Maiden are about to meet fate and destiny when encountering the melodic power metal reveries of the mighty Mentalist from Germany. Freedom Of Speech is the debut magnum opus from Mentalist, released worldwide via Pride & Joy Music, and what an absolutely inspiring masterwork! The group consists of Peter Moog (guitars), Thomen Stauch (drums – former longtime member of Blind Guardian and Savage Circus), Kai Stringer (guitars – Starchild), Florian Hertel (bass) and YouTube star Rob Lundgren on vocals. Containing topnotch musicians at the very height of their artistry, Freedom Of Speech by Mentalist is easily one of the most exciting first recordings for any band of 2020 and beyond.

The album kicks off with the haunting instrumental Metasphere before exploding into the vibrantly inspirational refrains of the very timely Freedom Of The Press. Featured within the song is a well-placed sample of President Donald Trump in attack mode, saying “we have to fight the media!” An absolutely powerful, absorbing commencement. And the dynamic entreaties continue on with the gloriously empowering Life making the listener want to take on the entire world. Another highlight found within is the stunning Belief, where Rob Lundgren shares vocals with Daniel Heiman formerly of the late great Lost Horizon.

Containing 13 tracks in all, Freedom Of Speech is a passionate auditory adventure for the metal ages that all types of music fans will want to revisit time and again. In addition to the amazing artistry of all members involved, Oliver Palotai of Kamelot unveils sweeping keyboard interludes on just about all of the songs. All this, and the exquisite cover artwork by the one and only Andreas Marschall, whose work has also graced the classic albums of Blind Guardian and Running Wild. Here’s hoping Mentalist are able to tour when these pandemic days come to an end – but for now, all those seeking an uplifting experience in these dark and perilous times will find admirable company when exploring the vast metal realm of Mentalist!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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