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The Last Real Rock N’ Roll by Rhino Bucket (Acetate Records)

The Last Real Rock N’ Roll by Rhino Bucket (Acetate Records)

Rhino Bucket’s latest slab of vinyl The Last Real Rock N’ Roll makes me want to turn it up so loud the neighbors call the cops.  Produced by Supersuckers Eddie Spaghetti, front man for the Greatest Rock N’ Roll Band in the World, Rhino Bucket get a bit of spit and polish, with their grimy blues-based rock sounds still catchy as hell, their joy of a cool riff and growled vocal still intact.

Started in the 80’s in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, Rhino Bucket were signed to Warner Brothers, had a song on Wayne’s World, and later on The Wrestler, the band even had former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright for a short time.

Rhino Bucket’s AC/DC adoration begins their new album with Hello Citizens, a celebration, a call-to-arms to “join the revolution, to take a stand.”  That anthem is followed by Everything You Do, Brian “Damage” Forsythe digging out some tasty licks, singer/rhythm guitarist Georg Dolivo catching the rhythm and singing his heart out, adding just the necessary amount of melody and pop sensibility.

Speaking of pop, Last Call has some hearty female backing vocals, Dolivo singing “even next to you I feel alone” then heading out to the bar to drink away his sorrows.  The Hammond organ just brings so much warmth and before you know it, you’re singing your lungs out.

Forgiveness once again brings the charging rhythm of Reeve Downes, bassist since day one, just putting his head down and going for it, with Dave DuCey playing tight, his fills nimbly backing Dolivo and Forsythe’s guitars.

Rhino Bucket with Eddie Spaghetti

A Swing And A Miss gives the impression that it could have it’s origins in a much slower blues arrangement, yet what we get is an angry, driving, head-banging, chill-inducing song.

After 11 booty-shaking, paint-pealing, ears-ringing songs, Rhino Bucket get dark and grooving.  The Last Real Rock N’ Roll closes with The Devil You Know.  Slashing guitars puncuate Downes and DuCey’s heaviness, Dolivo shredding his vocal chords, making Bon Scott proud.  The gong sound at the end of the song is a nice touch too.

For those about to rock should seek out Rhino Bucket’s The Last Real Rock N’ Roll for a dose of AC/DC inspired bluesy rock, full of heart and soul and tasty guitar licks.

(Review by Bret Miller)

Acetate Records

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