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HAILMARY Releases Lyric Video For New Single “Friends”

HAILMARY Releases Lyric Video For New Single “Friends”

HAILMARY Releases Lyric Video For New Single “Friends”

The official lyric for HAILMARY’s new single, “Friends“, can be seen below. It is the second single from HAILMARY’s BRAND NEW album, ‘Disturbing The Peace‘, which hit the streets July 8th via Eönian Records.

In 1989, shortly after the release of their third album ‘Street Ready,’ Southern California metallers Leatherwolf and their “Triple Axe Attack” of Michael Olivieri, Carey Howe, and Geoffrey Gayer formed a new band called HAILMARY adding the rhythm section of Marco Forcone on drums and Patrick Guyton on bass from the band Enticier.

In 1990, HAILMARY signed a development deal with Epic Records. Minus the two bonus demos and re-recording of “Media Lobotomy” in 2021, HAILMARY would record alongside famed Engineer & Producer Tom Fletcher whose long line of credits included Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Scorpions, Metal Church, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Dokken, Ozzy Osbourne, and many more.

Michael Olivieri, “We are extremely excited for the release of the ‘Disturbing the Peace.’ HailMary, forming after our supporting touring of ‘Street Ready‘ was a huge part of our life, and to see that so well documented is a huge thrill for us. The packaging on this is total badass! Thanks to Stephen and the Eonian Records team for treating us so well and doing such an incredible job.

Carey Howe, “I’ve been a part of some incredible projects that I am very proud of. The material we recorded with Tom (Fletcher) is some of our (Michael, Geoff, and my) very BEST and the packaging on ‘Disturbing the Peace‘ …you’ve got to be kidding me …simply AMAZING!

‘Disturbing The Peace’ track-listing:

1. Mr. Keeper
2. The Way I Am
3. Media Lobotomy
4. Be My Suicide
5. This Kid
6. Friends
7. Killing My Dreams
8. Crush Of Love
9. D.A.D.
10. I Don’t Understand (Demo)
11. What’s Your Civilization? (Demo)

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