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okay. by As It Is (Fearless Records)

okay. by As It Is (Fearless Records)

okay. by As It Is (Fearless Records)

As It Is possesses imaginative insights and a cool sense of irony – just one look at the cover photo on their sophomore release okay. and you very well know you are in for something truly remarkable. Presenting sparkling pop punk reveries combined with deeply personal lyrics, okay. is the perfect follow up to their Fearless Records debut Never Happy, Ever After – the next exhilarating chapter for a band ready to take on the New Found Glory/Yellowcard mantle and totally bring their own unique depth and perception into the rollicking scheme of things. A summer on Warped as well as incessantly touring all across the country has gained As It Is a solid fan base, and with the unveiling of okay., the UK based collective delivers the goods in an epic way!

okay. kicks it all off with the sonic cascades of Pretty Little Distance, a track with hit single potential that will swirl vibrantly within your head. The title cut Okay then slams into your senses with its glorious soundscapes meshing with the starkly honest lyrical content. Hey Rachel is a pop punk classic in the making in the grand tradition of All Time Low. Patchwork Love continues with the “I know you blame yourself for the pain I feel” vocalizations set to vibrantly soaring melodies following by the sweet finality expressed with the heart wrenching Curtains Close.

Rainy days and heartaches are further explored on the emotional No Way Out, merging into the rocking moodiness of the spiraling Soap. Austen starts out with a pulsating down and dirty bass line before exploding with a dazzling amount of passion and conviction. “You can’t keep me sane when I’m out of sight,” vocalist Patty Walters then heatedly conveys on the persuasive Until I Return. The Coast Is Where Home Is presents As It Is channeling the glory days of Yellowcard with their own expressive take on the matter. And then closing out okay. on a quiet yet emotionally devastating note is Still Remembering, with its “tell me what hurts most – is it remembering or forgetting?” vocals ripping into the heart of the matter.

As It Is shines throughout the entire album, featuring the fine performances of Patty Walters (vocals), Benjamin Biss (vocals, guitar), Andy Westhead (guitar), Patrick Foley (drums), and Alistair Testo (bass). Superb production work is courtesy of Mike Green, whose own credits include Pierce The Veil and All Time Low. okay. by As It Is is a compelling effort that many a pop punk fan will want to revisit time and again – whether the listener is within the throes of heartbreak or in the mood to pop rock and roll!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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