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Palisades by Palisades (Rise Records)

Palisades by Palisades (Rise Records)

Palisades by Palisades (Rise Records)

Four albums in, and we now have the definite Palisades recording – an effort so fully realized that they decided to unveil it as Self-Titled – perhaps as a grand introduction to a band who has clearly reached a creative renaissance with this brave new record. It has been an adventure listening to Palisades discover their true sound – from the metalcore meanderings of I’m Not Dying Today, onward to the heroic hardcore anthems of Outcasts, to the techno inspired electronic beats of Mind Games – we now land into much darker, impassioned territory as Palisades approach the New Year with their finest recording of their career.

No more, no more,” vocalist Louis Miceli croons so persuasively on opening track Aggression, instantly conveying to the listener that the new Palisades entreaty is going to be a moody effort with the impact of a “loaded gun.” Cold Heart (Warm Blood) then explodes with a fiery intensity that sets the imagination in flight – it’s “Is the love strong enough?” chorus raging through. Better Chemicals presents dark grooving lyrics such as “break me down and cut me up, my soul, my heart” with a stunning wall of atmospheric sound. Fall shimmers in the sheer urgency, presenting Louis Miceli at his most impassioned. “I’ve been good for you but you’re so bad for me” is the sentiment found within the massive refrains of Let Down. “Is it dark in your room?” Miceli then asks ominously on the wondrous Dark, another edgy yet vibrant track that will mesmerize the senses.

Through Hell launches a mighty sense of ferocity that should absolutely rage when performed in a live setting – complete with sing-along “Is this my serenity?” chorus at the track’s absolutely stunning conclusion. Memories devastates with its recollections of the past and hopes for the future, followed by the oncoming storm known as Hard Feelings where “there’s biood in my mouth for biting my tongue.” Palisades then goes Dancing With The Demons seeking out the truth in a blackened mood that is sure to send chills through your speakers and into your soul. And then closing out the Palisades journey is the vast and epic Personal, another glorious sonic tapestry destined to a mainstay at their live shows.

This fourth Palisades chapter is courtesy of Louis Miceli on vocals, Matt Marshall on guitar, Xavier Adames on guitar, Graves keyboards and turntables, Brandon Elgar on bass and vocals, and Aaron Rosa on drums. With a staggering amalgamation of post hardcore, EDM, and even pop rock in full display, Palisades has unveiled a compelling album that music fans will want to experience time and again. Be sure to catch Palisades now on tour with the one and only Lacey Sturm!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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