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Everyone Dies in Utah inks worldwide deal with ONErpm

Everyone Dies in Utah inks worldwide deal with ONErpm

Everyone Dies in Utah – Photo:South Oak Photography/Mary Carmichael

Everyone Dies in Utah inks worldwide deal with ONErpm

TEMPLE, TX — Everyone Dies in Utah inks worldwide deal with distribution powerhouse ONErpm

Everyone Dies in Utah is an American metal band from Temple, Texas. Formed in 2008 by Danny Martinez. The name of the band began as a joke, but stuck with them as time went on. It derives from the fact that the death rate in Utah was at one time higher than any other state. Everyone Dies In Utah consists of Danny Martinez (Lead Vocals), Nathan Chase-Meadows (Drums), Daniel Tharp (Bass), Brett Wasson (Guitar) and Ruben Tirado (guitar).

Everyone Dies In Utah has attracted a loyal fan base from their self-released EP (“I Hope You Know This Means War”), four full length albums (“Seeing Clearly”, “Polarities”, “Neutral Ground” and their InVogue Records debut self-titled album). The band takes pride in being accessible to their fans so they can create deeper connections with their audience. The band looks forward to this deal with ONErpm as it sets the band up to release more music to their fans over the next several years.

Everyone Dies in Utah singer Danny Martinez says regarding the signing:
We’re proud to announce we’ve signed with ONErpm. This allows us to have the biggest team we’ve ever had behind us to push us to spotify, radio and help us release consistent music for our fans. It really sets the band up for the next few years.

Guitarist Brett Wasson adds:
“We are very excited about working with ONErpm. We’ve always been a hard working band so it is nice to have a full team behind us. ONErpm’s team runs deep within the music industry and having that on our side is exciting”

Bassist Daniel Tharp says:
I am incredibly excited to work with ONErpm. Chris Allen and the rest of the team make us feel confident having them help us push the band.”

Guitarist Ruben Tirado says:
We’ve always dreamt about being one of the biggest metal bands out there. I’m excited that ONErpm have joined us on this journey. They are excited to work with us and help take our band to the top and I am stoked for what the future holds for us.”

Drummer Nathan Ross Chase-Meadows:
In all the years I have been in this band, I feel like we finally have the dream team behind us and all the puzzle pieces are falling into place.”

Everyone Dies in Utah’s latest single Passenger//PT. 2 was recorded earlier this year. The first single from their upcoming EP.

Stream/Download “Passenger//PT 2.” HERE

Watch Everyone Dies in Utah HERE

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Everyone Dies in Utah – Photo:South Oak Photography/Mary Carmichael

Stay tuned for more exciting EVERYONE DIES IN UTAH news coming very soon!

Everyone Dies in Utah is:
Danny Martinez – vocals
Daniel Tharp – bass
Nathan Ross Chase-Meadows – drums
Ruben Tirado – guitar
Brett Wasson – guitar

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