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Arrica Rose & the …’s releasing mash-up of Over the Rainbow and classic rock protest songs

Arrica Rose & the …’s releasing mash-up of Over the Rainbow and classic rock protest songs

Arrica Rose & the …’s releasing mash-up of Over the Rainbow and classic rock protest songs

Arrica Rose & the …’s most recent single Once in a Lullaby (available Oct 30th on pOprOck records) is a stunning mash-up of Over the Rainbow and classic protests songs For What it’s Worth and Ohio, with a lyrical nod to Woody Guthrie as well. Produced by Dan Garcia with Arrica Rose, the track’s dreamy soundscape features Marc Thomas (lead guitar) and Mark W. Lynn (bass) and seamlessly blends these iconic songs together into a heartfelt reimagined statement about current political times.

It was very much inspired by one of the last conversations I had with my late father about the state of our country,” says Rose. “He was teary-eyed as he told me how much he loves this country but that this land is not the same land his family, who were Italian immigrants, so desperately wanted to make their home. He also told me to keep fighting the good fight and that I really ought to record a protest song.”

Days later, Dan Garcia similarly suggested covering a protest song for our upcoming EP, to which I replied that I think I could only pull it off with a mash-up of sorts since all the songs that come to mind feel too challenging to reinterpret on their own.” And so Once in a Lullaby (Over the Rainbow / For What it’s Worth / Ohio) was born. The single will also be included on Arrica Rose & the …’s 6 song EP slated for release early next year.

Arrica Rose & the …’s are a Los Angeles-based collective playing a unique brand of California folk-pop. Drawing inspiration from timeless records made long ago, Rose’s music hints at dream pop, Americana, and vintage rock ‘n‘ roll all dressed up in dreamy vocals and ethereal soundscapes. Arrica Rose coined the name The …’s (say Dot Dot Dots) to describe the collaborative nature of her project which evolved from a guitar-driven quartet into also including Andrew Sisters-esque harmonies, strings, horns, keys and pretty noise.

Rose’s music has garnered praise from iTunes, LA Weekly, LA Record and many more. Her music landed on several ‘Best of Lists’ including #19 on Blurt Magazine’s Top 50, Buzzbands LA top 100 local favorites, Sleepyhollow’s (WXPN) Best 25 Songs. Consequence of Sound described her track “Nothing Nada Nothing” as one of the best indie-rock tracks of the year. Her cover of the Bee Gee’s “Tragedy” was featured by as one of “the best covers of all time”. Arrica Rose & the …’s music has also been featured on MTV’s Real World, MTV’s Road Rules, The CW’s Nikita, NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, and

Arrica Rose was born in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. She grew up listening to big band, classic rock and folk (her parent’s record collection) as well as punk and all its post-punk related genres (her own collection). And she loved all equally. Her first band, however, was an all girl punk-rock trio she started with friends as a teenager. Upon graduating high school, Rose took a short hiatus from music to attend film school. While in film school she kept gravitating back to music, scoring her own shorts as well as her classmates. After graduating college she made the decision to make music her main focus and put together a backing band that would eventually become The …’s. She also started her own label (pOprOck records) to release her recordings and still does so today.

In addition to her music projects, Arrica Rose is founder of I HEART Inc, an artist- operated non-profit organization that raises money for charitable programs via creative projects and events. I HEART Inc helps independent artists give back to their community and in the process exposes them to new audiences as well as fellow artists utilizing their art to effect change. Rose has garnered an amazing team of sponsors and supporters for these projects and events including Willie Nelson, Crosby Stills and Nash, Iron & Wine/Sub Pop Records, Rachel Maddow, Jack White, Fran Drescher, Jackson Browne and many more. Currently, Rose travels back and forth between Los Angeles, where I HEART Inc and the …’s are based, and Oakland where her alt-country project, Dear County, is based.

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