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Bloodshot by Villain Of The Story (VOTS Music)

Bloodshot by Villain Of The Story (VOTS Music)

Bloodshot by Villain Of The Story (VOTS Music)

In the great pandemic year of 2020, there would be no touring at all – and yet bands like Villain Of The Story still kept themselves very occupied. An acoustic EP entitled Alone In The Dark was unveiled, presenting stripped down versions of their previously released songs. Just a few short months later, Villain Of The Story has released Bloodshot, the band on full throttle transmission, and this creation is their most ambitious effort to date.  Bloodshot is explosive, brooding, and ultimately cathartic. Now a world away from Stay Sick Recordings which released their debut full length, Villain Of The Story is committing their own auditory crimes these days, and this declaration of independence continues to be absolutely epic in scope!

Bloodshot opens with the spiraling refrains of Enough, where metalcore, deathcore and even shades of a black metal soundscape reign supreme – ultimately presenting Villain In The Story at their most impassioned and imaginative right of the gate.  Labrat furthers Villain Of The Story’s super intensive journey into an even darker realm, the atmospheric yet relentless audio meshing with diabolically unearthly unclean vocals and a melodic refrain that has a compelling sense of urgency. The title track Bloodshot is gripping, with its “I don’t want to see you fade away” and “it’s not too late – listen to me” lyrical content striking right into the heart of the matter. Stuck is Villain Of The Story at their most heartfelt and pensive, showing just how effective the band is when it comes to a ballad of striking proportions.

Photo Credit: Riley Downs

Burn The Foundation is quite a scorcher, not even letting up with its fiery sonic devastation – expect this one to ignite serious mosh pit action and fervent sing-alongs when performed live.  True Obsession is an outright beast of a song, leaving an indelible, almost punishing impression. “Looking back, what a mess I use to be,” muses the commencement of Something To Feel, where the clean vocals and rapturous melodies send this one into the stratosphere. Breathe then closes the Bloodshot experience on a reflective note, once again showing the emotional impact Villain Of The Story has even in the midst of serenity.

Impressive performances all around from Villain Of The Story, featuring the participation of Christian Grey on vocals, Logan Bartholomew on vocals, Cody Pauly on guitar, and Page Brownie on bass. Bloodshot is the next epic chapter for Villain Of The Story, jam packed with sonnets of perseverance. An album like this is destined to garner the band a good deal of label attention (not to mention a legion of devoted fans), but Villain Of The Story appear to be plotting their own course, and the results are tremendously breathtaking.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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