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Elegy Of Madness: The Invisible World Unleashed Live

Elegy Of Madness: The Invisible World Unleashed Live

Elegy Of Madness: The Invisible World Unleashed Live

In mere days before the great plague known as Covid-19, Symphonic Metal band Elegy Of Madness presented a very special live performance at Fusco Theater in Taranto, Italy.  The date was with January 29th, 2021 and the band was accompanied by The Giovane Orchestra Jonica, making for an unforgettable event for the ages.  The entire show would be documented for a DVD release through Pride & Joy Music – and now an entire world may experience Elegy Of Madness feat. Giovane Orchestra Jonica Live!  Included within the live recording are songs from their most recent studio release – the critically acclaimed Invisible WorldHighwire Daze recently had the opportunity to interview all members from Elegy Of Madness to discuss playing their amazing songs live with a full on orchestra, the story behind their Invisible World endeavor, how the pandemic has affected their shows, band they would all like to open up for, and a whole lot more!  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Elegy Of Madness, and how long the band has been together.
Anja: Hi everyone! I’m Anja, singer, author and composer of the band since 2006.

Tony: Hi guys! I’m Tony, guitarist, growl voice and founder of the band since 2006. I’m also a composer, I manage the musical live background and all the organizational aspects of the band, together with Anja and Larry.

Larry: Hi! I play bass guitar and I’m in the band since 2016.

Marco: Hi everyone, I’m Marco and I play the guitar in EoM officially since the production of the last album Invisible World, but initially I cooperated with the band as a session player.

Francesco: Hi there!! I am the drummer of the band since 2016.

Luca : Hi Folks! I’m Luca, I’m the cellist and the orchestrator of the band. I play in the the band since Brave Dreams times, maybe 2012/2013.

Where are you based out of and what is your local music scene like there?
Anja: I’m based out of Taranto, where the EoM project started. Our music scene has become quite interesting, there are a lot of bands that would deserve more attention and many people that support new music projects like ours. The sold-out for our show with The GOJ Orchestra is proof of that.

How did you wind up signing with Pride & Joy Music?
Anja: Pride & Joy Music is a very well organized label and our manager, Birgitt, is always very clever and kind. We knew each other thanks to Giuseppe Iampieri’s suggestions (Vivaldi Metal Project).

How did your performance with the GOJ Symphony Orchestra come about and whose idea was it to make this ambitious undertaking happen?
Luca: It was like a dream, I usually played in this orchestra. One day, me and the director Fabio Orlando, decided to organize something special for our town Taranto, in Apulia. It was very difficult to plan but everything was fine and I would repeat it endlessly.

Tony: It was the dream of each member of the band: “Where there’s a will, there’s a Way“. Sooner or later, after so much work, dreams come true. None of us have any particular merit, we are a team and we worked hard for about a year to realize the show.

What was it like playing at the Fusco Theater with a full-on orchestra?
Larry: Definitely amazing! It was the first time for me and the band, to play in a theater, with an orchestra, with a beautiful audience…just like we’ve always dreamed about.

Marco: Well, without a doubt it was something fantastic. The thrill of feeling the full power of an orchestra supporting you is worthwhile. And obviously playing in the theater, the “temple” of music, made everything much more engaging and interesting both as a spectator and as a performer.

Tony: A real fucking pleasure!

Anja: It was comparable to an electric shock thanks to the strong energy of the audience and orchestra.

When you performed the show back in February, how close were you to the days of pandemic beginning?
Marco: As I remember a few days after the show there was one of the first announcements on the national TV about the general lockdown and restrictions due to Covid-19.

Since several songs from your album Invisible World were performed, select two of the songs from that album and what inspired the lyrics.
Anja: I choose ES whose lyric is inspired by the Freud’s ID, Ego and Super Ego Theory in which ES represents the ID, the unconscious part of the human mind made of instincts, destructive forces and unknown feelings. My second choice is Fil Rouge inspired to the feeling that flows throughout all lands connecting the entire world, Love, so hard to explain, so pure and intangible.

Overall, what is a live Elegy Of Madness show like for those of us who have yet to see you?
Marco: Good question. For me it’s a conjunction of colors, in the form of harsh yet melodic sound energy. It’s a moment of sharing, something magical that happens between us and our audience.

Francesco: I agree with Marco, it’s like a very good mix between the melody and a powerful sound! This is the result of the differences and common musical influences of the band!

Have you played any shows during the pandemic and if so, how nervous were you to play since your country was hit so hard? Or did you have any shows cancelled because of Covid-19?
Larry: We played near our hometown, just after the quarantine…it was quite strange because there were a lot of people far from you, wearing face masks.. after that, many shows were cancelled because of Covid, and it was so terrible for us! You know, the tour were starting right in that period…but it is better to stay safe, waiting for the right time to come back on stage, stronger than before.

If Elegy Of Madness could open for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Larry: Iron Maiden (am I asking too much?)

Marco: For me definitely Dimmu Borgir!

Luca : Pantera

Tony: Dark Tranquillity

Anja: Nightwish

Are you involved with any other bands or projects outside of Elegy Of Madness?
Anja: I’m not involved with other projects right now, Elegy of Madness deserve all my attention.

Tony: I think that there are so many things to do for this project that it would be impossible being involved with other bands. I love our music and I work hard for the band. It would be like having so many women and betraying your beloved one.

Marco: Personally, I carry on my music studies as much as possible, both as a performer and as a teacher, trying to explore the world of music. At the moment I’m working on some personal stuff close to jazz and prog rock.

Luca : I teach cello at school, I play like session cellist and compose soundtracks.

What do you hope 2021 brings for you and Elegy Of Madness?
Larry: I hope it brings great fame, money (why not?), and many many more fans around the world!

Marco: A wonderful world tour to reach all our listeners!!

Francesco: The warmth of the audience, the fun of the tour!!!

Luca : I hope to tour again, we miss the stage. Fuck Covid.

Anja: I hope it will bring happiness all over the world, kisses and hugs and, obviously, so many concerts!

Any final words of wisdom?
Larry: Never stop dreaming…

Marco: Be present, everything always changes very quickly, so there’s no point in chasing after anything and nothing to be afraid of. Take care of yourself, we look forward to seeing you again or meeting for the first time as soon as possible!

Francesco: Towards infinity and beyond!!!!!

Luca : “Without music, life would be an error” – Nietzsche

Anja: When the wind of change blows, some people build walls and other build windmills.

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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