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Love Is Red: Back In Action and Playing Furnace Fest

Love Is Red: Back In Action and Playing Furnace Fest

Love Is Red

Love Is Red: Back In Action and Playing Furnace Fest

One of the bands set to reunite for the upcoming Furnace Fest in Birmingham, Alabama on September 24-26 is the almighty Love Is Red!  In addition, the revered hardcore band has returned with Darkness Is Waiting, their first release in seventeen years.

The band originally formed in the year 2000 in Florence, Alabama. Following changes in their line-up they relocated to Nashville, TN, and dropped their biggest release The Hardest Fight on Stillborn Records in 2004. A year later Love Is Red disbanded after multiple US tours with a brief reunion in 2010 for a final show in Nashville.

And now a decade later Furnace Fest asked the band to reunite. Due to the pandemic the fest was postponed to 2021 and with the down time, the band returned to writing music. The EP was recorded and produce remotely, and saw the original line-up unite with new members.  Expect Love Is Red to perform songs from their amazing new EP Darkness Is Waiting as well as fan favorites from The Hardest Fight.

Highwire Daze recently interviewed Love Is Red guitarist Roger Kilburn to find out more about their dynamic new EP, looking back working with Jamey Jasta and Stillborn Records resulting in on The Hardest Fight, their upcoming appearance at Furnace Fest and more…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Love Is Red, and how long the band has been together.
I’m Roger and I play guitar in the band. The band actually began in the year 2000, broke up in 2005, played one reunion in 2010 and then when Furnace Fest asked us to play in 2020 we said, yes, but as we all know, that got moved out a year, so here we are.

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene like there?
The band started in Florence, Alabama, and we were one of the first hardcore bands to come from that area, we then relocated to Nashville, TN and that’s where the band ended, we have all moved to different parts of the country now, going where life took us. As far as the scene in Nashville, its actually great for punk and hardcore, it just rarely gets noticed due to the overwhelming