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Zenith by Autumn’s Child (Pride & Joy Music)

Zenith by Autumn’s Child (Pride & Joy Music)

Zenith by Autumn’s Child (Pride & Joy Music)

2022 has just arrived upon the world, and the melodic rock releases are already upon us. The first one out of the gate is Zenith by Autumn’s Child from Sweden, featuring the glorious vocals of Mikael Erlandsson.  Containing eleven absolutely rapturous AOR anthems, Zenith sets the bar very high for the genre early on this year. Opening with the rocking refrains of Emergency, Erlandsson and company capture the attention of the listener at once kicking off what will be an amazing auditory journey.

Evangeline is a hit single in the making whose chorus soars into the stratosphere and beyond. Love Is A Fighter is another triumphant with Autumn’s Child delivering a memorable rocker for all seasons. Nightingale is a highlight showing how wondrous and imaginative Autumn’s Child are when it comes to unveiling a tender ballad. Never Say Die continues on with the epic sonic artistry that will spin round and around in your head for ages.

Crowdpleaser is beyond infectious with its swirling melodies and playful vocals. Don’t Wanna presents Autumn’s Child at their most rocking and raging, the track being one of the most dynamic and magical moments on Zenith. And be sure to listen to the very end of the Zenith experience as Damaged Goods finds Autumn’s Child at their most reflective, jam packed with emotions and intrigue.

In addition to the vibrantly superb vocal, guitar and keyboard performances of Mikael Erlandsson, the Autumn’s Child brigade consists of Pontus Åkesson on lead guitar, Robban Bäck on drums, Claes Andreasson on piano and Magnus Rosen on bass. It’s way too early to start declaring Best Of listings for 2022, but Zenith by Autumn’s Child is a grand and majestic way to start off this New Year of music and memories. An instant genre classic with songs melodic rock fanatics will want to revisit time and again!

Zenith by Autumn’s Child will be available January 14th via Pride & Joy Music!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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