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Before The Sun Sets by City Of Lights (Frontiers Music Srl)

Before The Sun Sets by City Of Lights (Frontiers Music Srl)

Before The Sun Sets by City Of Lights (Frontiers Music Srl)

Frontiers Music Srl continues to release the very best in melodic rock and heavy metal, presenting brand new recordings from both legacy artists and brand-new bands to the world at large. One of the most exciting novices on the label is City Of Lights, an exhilarating collaboration between British newcomer songwriter/guitarist Neil Austin and Greek vocal sensation Manos Fatsis (Odyssey Desperado/Hideaway). Mix in a kickass rhythm section of brothers Robin Eriksson on bass and Mats Eriksson on drums from the mighty degreed, and you posess a winning combination. Before The Sun Sets is an epic breakthrough for this absolutely amazing band on the rise, jam packed to the rafters with hard rocking entreaties that are thrilling to behold.

The auditory adventure takes flight with the powerhouse reverberations of Racing On The Redline, a dazzling track that uplifts the spirit and sets the imagination in flight. Heart’s On Fire continues on with its towering melodies reigning supreme. Emily is a love song for the ages with a chorus that will remain in your head long after the disc spins to its conclusion. Heat Of The Night is vibrantly scorching, filled with lyrical and melodic intrigue. Dying Light is presented with passions seething followed by the pulsating hard rock sensations of Give Me Back My Heart. And the stunning tracks keep on spinning through, with the arrival of the sweet and wonderful Joanna, a visit into the wilds of the Midnight Club, and the rapturous refrains of How To Love. And be sure to make your way to the glorious grand finale of the title cut Before The Sun Sets, presenting City Of Lights at the height of their creative energies.

With the unveiling of Before The Sun Sets, the next generation of AOR melodic rock has arrived, presenting a timeless album that will captivate all types of music fans. In addition to the amazing work of the main core City Of Lights membership, guest guitar soloists Nathan Doyle, Daniel Johansson (degreed), Christoffer Borg (Taste/ex-Art Nation), and Mike Kyriakou join in on the proceedings. The album also features appearances from Creye’s Joel Selfors on piano and degreed/Paralydium’s Mikael Blanc on keyboards. Tech credits are outstanding, featuring artwork by design maestro Nello Dell’Omo and mixing/mastering duties courtesy of AOR producer extraordinaire Erik Gavfelin Wiss (Creye, Cruzh, Cap Outrun). Here’s hoping we see a live show from City Of Lights in future days – in the meantime, give Before The Sun Sets a listen and prepare to be swept away into a grand state of sonic euphoria!

Before The Sun Sets by City Of Lights will be available February 11th via Frontiers Music Srl. And the Eriksson brothers have a new degreed album coming out on the same day entitled Are You Ready, also on the one and only Frontiers!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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