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The Rock Collective’s “Rock For Life” Benefit Concert featuring Carry the Day, State Five, Against the Sun, Anson, Chasing Desolation and HVNTED!

The Rock Collective’s “Rock For Life” Benefit Concert featuring Carry the Day, State Five, Against the Sun, Anson, Chasing Desolation and HVNTED!



Rock For Life will celebrate the life and legacy of music legends gone too soon. However, their impact on musicians like us is eternal. We are eager show that the heart of rock and roll is still very much alive through community and live performance. We hope that though our performance our passion is apparent, and our message inspires and captivates audiences just as these music legends have done for us.”
Christopher Huynh of Carry The Day

We’re so lucky to be a part of Sweet Relief’s Rock For Life show in partnership with to play the LA Rock Collective at the world famous Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood. It’s important for us to talk about mental health and substance abuse, to honor those that we’ve lost, and to send a message to those struggling today: we are here for you, there are people who love you, and the world is so much more vivid with your life in it.
– Brad West of Against The Sun

Carry The Day

I’m so stoked to play the Rock For Life festival! Great bands playing and lots of big tributes I’m excited to see. Don’t miss out!

Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Blvd., the famed eatery and entertainment venue in the heart of Hollywood California has announced The Rock Collective’s “Rock For Life” Benefit Concert to Benefit Sweet Relief Musician’s Fund and Check Your Head Podcast on Sunday, April 24, 2022 from 6:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

A concert featuring popular Los Angeles based bands will pay tribute to artists the industry has lost too soon including Kurt Cobain, Taylor Hawkins, Chester Bennington, Elliott Smith, Paul Gray and Amy Winehouse.

Against The Sun

Mental illness is no stranger to the music industry. It has been reported that 73 percent of music makers experience symptoms of mental illness – from depression to anxiety. The well-being of musicians is often faced by demons on various levels. Musicians who have achieved success are often faced with having to be perceived as one thing to the public, when in fact they may be something very different. Socialization becomes isolating due to their popularity and the chance of failure weighs heavily on them.

Musicians report that music is a form of therapy. It offers an outlet to express thoughts and feelings in a way that simply talking about them doesn’t. It is an outlet that is highlighted when musicians can perform live and connect with an audience. During COVID, when bands could not perform live, the feeling of emptiness had no outlet but they still had each other. Bands often refer to themselves as family who have cultivated a communal sense of love and support which offers each band member a safe space to open up and talk to each other or perform. For many bands, having each other helped to mitigate the negative emotional impact COVID may have had on them.


Musicians realize that building a community and open dialogue about mental health through the power of their own experiences and their music is a way to bring them together to offer support and bring about awareness to help change the cycle.

On Sunday, April 24th beginning at 6:00 p.m. the Los Angeles Rock Collective hopes to help other musicians through live performances from bands Carry the Day, State Five, Against the Sun, Anson, Chasing Desolation and HVNTED. These bands who have also experienced their own personal mental health issues share, collaborate and play live shows together while offering support through times of adversity. Many within the community have dealt with anxiety and depression and know firsthand how it affects you personally. The bands that make up The LA Rock Collective are committed to bringing awareness and support to mental issues that affect their community. The event will benefit The Sweet Relief Musician’s Fund.

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