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Metalcore Heavy-Hitters Colony Collapse Release Fresh New Album ‘You Miss Everything – Deluxe’

Metalcore Heavy-Hitters Colony Collapse Release Fresh New Album ‘You Miss Everything – Deluxe’

Metalcore Heavy-Hitters Colony Collapse Release Fresh New Album ‘You Miss Everything – Deluxe’

On Friday September 8th Progressive metalcore band, Colony Collapse, present a breath of fresh air to the core genres with dynamic new album ‘You Miss Everything – Deluxe.’

For mornings where it settles in. You know you’re in a spiral but it’s hard to fight the current. Sometimes I just feel tired, like everything is far away and I exist in a never-ending middle ground I built for myself. It stretches out ahead of me and back the way I came, so I lose track of which way is which. In a sense, it’s comforting; the numbness isn’t new anymore. I’d find ways to keep warm in the form of coping mechanisms, but in time you learn that those methods – whatever they may be – can’t fully be controlled. It’s impossible to take aim at only the things you wish would disappear in the search for relief; everything else gets erased along with the pain. It took time for me to come to that understanding, I had to look elsewhere to find peace.” – Noah Khorey

FFO: Fit For a King, Invent Animate, Periphery, Currents

Check out the music video for “Too Much, Too Soon” here!


Hailing from the vibrant city of Denver, Colorado, Colony Collapse is a force to be reckoned with in the metal music scene. This powerhouse band, formed in 2015, is fueled by a raw and relentless passion for their craft, delivering an electrifying blend of aggression, melody, and thought-provoking lyrics.

The band’s name, “Colony Collapse,” carries a profound metaphorical meaning. It reflects their mission to tackle the complexities of societal issues, personal struggles, and the world’s challenges head-on through their music. The group believes in using their platform to raise awareness and provoke introspection in their listeners.

Blending elements of metalcore, progressive structures, and a touch of dark ambiance, Colony Collapse crafts a dynamic signature sound that transcends traditional genre boundaries. Their songs are marked by searing technical guitar riffs, blistering drum work, and a powerful vocal delivery that ranges from guttural growls to soaring cleans. This sonic tapestry captures the essence of the band’s emotional intensity and intellectual depth.

In the studio, Colony Collapse works with grammy nominated producers Atrium Audio (August Burns Red, Erra) to meticulously hone in on their sound, working collaboratively to perfect each track. Their dedication to craftsmanship and their refusal to compromise on artistic integrity have garnered them a dedicated following both locally and beyond Denver’s borders.

The band’s stage presence is a captivating sight to behold. Energized by the adrenaline of live performance, Colony Collapse unleashes an unstoppable torrent of sound, drawing the crowd into a whirlwind of headbanging and moshing. Their concerts are immersive experiences, leaving an indelible mark on anyone fortunate enough to witness their live show.

As they continue to evolve as artists and individuals, Colony Collapse remains committed to using their music as a catalyst for change and inspiration. Their music has garnered praise from fans and critics alike for its emotional depth, technical prowess, and unapologetic authenticity.

With unwavering determination, they are poised to conquer new sonic territories and touch the hearts of metal fans worldwide. The band has recently signed with Theoria Records and released their new album ‘You Miss Everything – Deluxe’ on September 8th!.

Noah Khorey – Vocals
Keenan Goodwine – Guitar
David Shimenko – Bass
Mason Kolodziej – Drums



‘You Miss Everything’ – Album Bio

You Miss Everything’ is a story of separation. In varying degrees of sonic aggression, it explores themes of grief, doubt and longing from the position of a person left without. Chasing ghosts, we sometimes get to know them. This EP attempts to discern whether these spirits are versions of ourselves we never became or personifications of regrets and misgivings, cursed to follow us in silence until the day we let them go.

In the track The Love That Remains, the lyrics cry out: “lives are lived, not missed” as if trying to convince itself of the truth in those words. The album dives into an emotional turnstile, pondering a pale-tinted present, and trying to discover how to see ourselves in color.

Explore a garden grown to thrive instead of die in” muses of a headspace where we can grow freely, while understanding that a garden is a difficult thing to maintain. I want to believe we can choose whether or not we wither. The album’s closer attempts to come face to face with My Ghost. While we’re living, is our ghost waiting for us on the other side? Or is it an entity we create each day with the decisions we make? Does it live and breathe because I do, or in spite of me? In the end, the EP concludes that there doesn’t need to be an answer. You can’t avoid happiness based on the fear of its departure. You can’t feel truly happy without knowing what it is to be sad. And if on the other side it turns out that my consciousness is simply wisping around the cosmos, doomed to reflect on everything I’d ever done … “I’d force my ghost to relive the memories, if it meant that I could feel just as much”.


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