The Way EP by Bonnie Brae (Self-released)

If Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin shared a night to remember, the resulting offspring would be Bonnie Brae! The down and dirty songs found within The Way EP are sludgy hard rock that tantalizes the senses! Commencing with the scorching World On Fire, the band then blasts into the blistering reveries of Slut with it’s wickedly infectious “you spread your love all over town” chorus.

OFF oozes rude girl punk rock attitude gone wild with its “I might be going to hell but I don’t miss you” inflections. Dirty Love Song reverberates with sensual lyrics and pulsating melodies setting the imagination in flight. And then closing out the EP is the intensive madness of band moniker Bonnie Brae, and it is a breathtakingly fierce grand finale!

Bonnie Brae is presented by Gwendolyn Casella on lead vocals, David Coltrane Levin on guitar, Derby on bass, and Scottie Carneghi on drums., Y’all should come down Bonnie Brae Way for a hard rockin’ good time!

(Review by Ken Morton)