Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2 by Madman’s Lullaby (MR Records)

Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2 has arrived, and Madman’s Lullaby reach even greater stratospheric heights. The five selections contained within are absolutely epic, destined to captivate fans of the Foo Fighters, Queensryche and beyond. From the opening refrains of the supersonic Thick and Thin, Madman’s Lullaby unleash tapestries of sheer artistry that are vibrantly intriguing.

Each and every performance on Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2 is overflowing with passion and imagination, featuring the participation of Chris Michaels on lead vocals. Mr. Brett on lead guitar, Luis Barillas on bass, and Eric Arbizu on drums. Inside Out, Falling, Tell Me I’m Right,

Ask For Nothing – the bangers just keep on arriving and the intensity and brilliance will remain in your head long after the disc spins to it’s thrilling conclusion. Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2 by Madman’s Lullaby is an all triumph – and like it’s predecessor – the EP will easily wind up the Highwire Daze Top 10 of the year when all is said and done for 2022.

Review by Ken Morton