Amazing Love by The Swansons (Golden Goose Entertainment)

Amazing Love is the perfect title for The Swansons’ upcoming album – they not only possess an amazing love for one another but also for their artistry. A husband-and-wife country pop alternative duo, The Swansons now present the next glorious chapter of their musical journey, and the 12 songs found within the realm of Amazing Love are blissful and inspiring.

We All Fall Down has hit single potential written all over it while Take My Chances oozes playful bluegrass vibes that are absolutely endearing. Don’t Lead Me On is introspective and vulnerable, delivered with so much passion and commitment. A Little Breakdown adds a bit of blues to the proceedings and is an infinite highlight. The title track exudes a heartfelt liberation from the darkness of this world.

Fervent Fire is beautiful hymn of worship and praise while the rollicking Voices is an all-out celebration of life and perseverance.  Joe and Angie Finley have delivered a dozen wonderful reasons to check into Amazing Love. One of the most inspirational and uplifting albums of 2022!

(Review by Ken Morton)