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The Toxhards’ New Single Ængus, The Prize-Winning Hog Out Now

The Toxhards’ New Single Ængus, The Prize-Winning Hog Out Now


Hear ye, hear ye! From the promised land of Los Angeles comes the newest tune from high octane, genre-defying artists, The Toxhards, titled Ængus, The Prize-Winning Hog! This show-stopping epic, a longtime live show staple for the band, finally gets the studio treatment and hits streaming platforms this Friday, September 2nd. Weaving effortlessly from polka to metal to orchestral funk to ballad in a litany of different time signatures, The Toxhards are excited to introduce the world to what is now known as “hog prog” rock and the story of Ængus.

Written by drummer/vocalist Casey Donovan after coming to him in a dream and mixed by guitarist/vocalist Emerson Harris (featuring Matt Garcia on lead guitar and Alan Macchiariolo on bass), Ængus proves itself to be the most bombastic, theatrical, and sonically diverse song in The Toxhards’ repertoire. Happily returning yet again to provide expert mastering is Abbey Road Studios’ Sean Magee, who personally says of this hog-tastic track, “Outstanding!

A rousing, raucous ride from start to finish, Ængus tells the origin story of the titular hog from humble beginnings in his cranberry bog home to his eventual rise to political power all the way to his apex as martyr and deity. Culminating in the ultimate sacrificial battle with an adversary known only as The Butcherman, Ængus not only regales us with a tale of biblical proportions, but also offers listeners a window into the psyche of modern society and its celebration (and condemnation) of certain public figures and the morality of putting those in power on a pedestal. Ængus, The Prize-Winning Hog will be available on all music streaming platforms, in conjunction with a spectacular music video released on YouTube this Friday, Sept. 2nd.

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