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CRAVING sign with Massacre Records!

CRAVING sign with Massacre Records!

CRAVING • 2022
📸 Micha Gröger

👉 CRAVING sign with Massacre Records!
👉 CRAVING will release their 4th album there!
👉 The fans can expect thrilling Epic Extreme Metal !

Melodic Black Death Metal

🔎 FFO:
Wintersun, Insomnium, Ensiferum

⚫ 4th studio album of the Melodic Black Death Metallers
⚫ Epic Extreme Metal of the fully melodic special class
⚫ Epic, dramatic, opulent, rousing & triumphant

Vitalized return❗

This damn lively MELODIC BLACK DEATH METAL troupe under the leadership of singer and guitarist Ivan Chertov fortunately still holds on to their musical vision with iron determination.

The latter is effectively composed of lusty, whipping hardness, surprising dynamics, a distinctive wealth of variations and often quickly igniting melodies – an explosive mixture that leaves no extreme metal maniac cold!

Trademark of the trio:
Murderously obsessive material, always completely in love with detail and predominantly grippingly anthemic. The majority of it proves to be highly distinctive.

Ivan Chertov • Guitars, Vocals
Jonas Papmeier • Guitars
Wanja Gröger • Drums

Recently, CRAVING joyfully and decisively signed a new label deal with the established label Massacre Records.

The guys announce:
Our new album – not only our fourth, but probably our most ambitious when it comes to power, catchiness and heaviness – is ready and we’re happy to have teamed up with long-time label Massacre Records to unleash it on the world.

Can you hear the sirens’ call yet? We’ll make sure there’s no escape, especially with the new partners by our side – be ready!

Follow CRAVING with these links & add them to your playlists on Spotify, Deezer etc.:

2012 • Craving • Full-length
2013 • At Dawn • Full-length
2016 • Wielder Of Storms • EP
2016 • By The Storm • Full-length
2022/23 • tba • Full-length

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