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Perris Records Reissues Roxx Gang “The Voodoo You Love” with Bonus Track “Magic Carpet Ride”

Perris Records Reissues Roxx Gang “The Voodoo You Love” with Bonus Track “Magic Carpet Ride”

Perris Records Reissues Roxx Gang “The Voodoo You Love” with Bonus Track “Magic Carpet Ride”

Perris Records announces the reissue of the Roxx Gang CD “The Voodoo You Love” on February 17th. This reissue features a bonus track “Magic Carpet Ride“. Roxx Gang first signed with indie label Perris Records in 1995 and released their much anticipated second CD entitled “The Voodoo You Love”. This CD leaned the band back toward it’s original blues-rock roots that were hinted at on songs like “Ball-N-Chain,” “Red Rose” and “Fastest Gun In Town” on “Thing You’ve Never Done Before.”

The Voodoo You Love” received great reviews, Radio And Records said, “Roxx Gang are Florida’s premier hard rock band. They’ve amassed quite a following in that state with their powerful live shows. Their new CD has the potential to break the band all over America.” A European rock magazine said, “The Voodoo You Love” is the fireworks of rock-n-roll; the future of 90’s glam starts here.” “The Voodoo You Love” went on to be one of the biggest selling CD in the history of Perris Records. The Sam Phillips family (Elvis, Johnny Cash) company Select-o-Hits in Memhis TN contacted Perris Records about this Roxx Gang release and started a long time distribution deal with hundreds of Perris Records artist that still carry’s on 28 years later.

Kevin Steele, lead vocalist Roxx Gang, “The Voodoo You Love was the second Roxx Gang record. It was produced by the band with Carl Canedy (The Rods, Anthrax) and was mixed by Jon Mathias (Dickie Betts, Ian Hunter, Manowar). The reason for the time gap between the first Roxx Gang record and The Voodoo You Love was that Virgin offered to make a second record to be released on their Charisma label. The band opted out of that deal with Virgin and we signed with CBS/Epic which was bought by Sony shortly after we signed. Sony then fired the staff at Epic and released many of the bands on the Epic label including Roxx Gang. These events along with the onset of “Grunge” rock delayed the release of The Voodoo You Love until it found a home on Perris Records. The Voodoo You Love is my favorite Roxx Gang record as it was a move away from Things You’ve Never Done Before’s more “Metal” sound to a classic “Rock-n-Roll ” sound that included piano, horns and saxophone on various cuts. What most people don’t know about The Voodoo You Love is that the Things You’ve Never Done Before lineup recorded this record. Two songs, “Time Bomb” and “Thick As Thieves.” were added afterwards and recorded by the now new lineup pictured on the album cover. The new reissue contains the bonus track “Magic Carpet Ride” (original song not the Steppenwolf classic) that was an outtake from The Voodoo You Love sessions. I can’t for the life of me remember why we didn’t include it on the record because it’s a really cool song”

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Track listing and songwriters
1. Daddys’ Farm (Kevin Steele)​
2. Stone Dead Drunk (Again) (Kevin Steele)​
3. Time Bomb (Kevin Steele, Stacey Blades)​​
4. Hot For Love (Kevin Steele)​
5. Silver Train (Kevin Steele)​
6. Can’t Catch Me (Kevin Steele)​
7. What You See (Kevin Steele)​
8. Be Your Man (Kevin Steele)​
9. Shame On Me (Kevin Steele)​
10. Hot ‘Lanta (Kevin Steele)​
11. Thick As Thieves (Kevin Steele, Stacey Blades)​
12. Meanwhile Back At The Ranch (Kevin Steele)
13. Magic Carpet Ride (BONUS TRACK) (Kevin Steele)

Band Members
Kevin Steele – Vocals, harmonica
Stacey Blades – Guitar, vocals
Tommy Weder – Drums, vocals
Dorain Sage – Bass, vocal

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Perris Records has been in business over 29 years distributing and promoting the label’s hard rock bands such as Helix, Stephen Pearcy, L.A. Guns, Babylon A.D., Bang Tango, Enuff Z’Nuff, Heaven’s Edge, Roxx Gang, Dirty Looks to name a few. Perris Records is distributed worldwide by Select-O-Hits (Sam Phillips Jr. – Sun Records family), ALLIANCE (AEC) distribution & WOWHD.COM. WOWHD.COM ships to Australia, Denmark, Germany, Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, The Netherlands & United Kingdom (UK).WOWHD Direct Link at Perris Records (Special links showing all Perris titles available at WOWHD in their selected country):

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