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VITALINES Announce New Album ‘Wheels Within Wheels’ with Robbie LaBlanc and Tommy Denander

VITALINES Announce New Album ‘Wheels Within Wheels’ with Robbie LaBlanc and Tommy Denander



Vitalines have announced the upcoming release of their latest album, WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS, on October 20, 2023. The first single and video from the album, “Judgement Day Is Here,” are out today.

Watch a video for “Judgement Day Is Here” here

Pre-order/save WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS here

Vitalines is a new Melodic Rock alliance formed by two real luminaries of the genre. On one side, the “voice from heaven” Robbie LaBlanc, singer of Blanc Faces and Find Me who has also recently appeared on the T3nors’ debut album, NAKED SOUL. On the other, one of the most esteemed and capable songwriters and musicians of the genre, Swedish studio wizard Tommy Denander.

Robbie LaBlanc has been at the top of my wish list of amazing singers to work with for a long time so when this great idea came from Frontiers I was beyond thrilled to create something really strong and hopefully the start of many more albums,” explains Tommy Denander. “Vitalines means ‘life lines’ and both me and Robbie share a long life of living with sincere passion for music and that comes together on a very mutual ground when we work together.”

Robbie LaBlanc shares “a big thank you to Frontiers Records for allowing me to record this great record with Tommy. I hope all of you enjoy it. God bless you all.”

The two musicians have been planning to work together on a pure Melodic Rock album for several years and when the right time came, both took immediately the chance to build up another exciting musical alliance. The bar was set very high and the result is the fantastic WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS: an amazing journey between melodies, guitar riffs, superb keys and spectacular vocals.

All the Toto, Journey, Survivor and Foreigner fans will find something to love on this album as Tommy outdid himself especially for the superb level of songwriting, while Robbie probably delivered his best vocal performance ever.

Simply an absolute must for all AOR fans and one of the musical highlights of the entire season!

Here’s the track listing for WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS:
Judgement Day Is Here
Love Not Fantasy
Hello World – We Need To Talk
Cards From Another Game
Love and Thunder
When Spirits Fight
You Never Know With Magic
Life Waits For No One
You’re the Reason I Am
Wheels Within Wheels
Nothing But Silence

Robbie LaBlanc: vocals
Tommy Denander: Guitars, bass, keyboards

Neil Anami: Drums & percussion
Micke Devine: Backing vocals on track 2

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