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Cameron Alexander Throws the Ultimate House Party in New Music Video for “Time To Break Up”

Cameron Alexander Throws the Ultimate House Party in New Music Video for “Time To Break Up”

Photo Credit: Alyssa Rubio

Cameron Alexander Throws the Ultimate House Party in New Music Video for “Time To Break Up”

Rising pop punk prodigy, Cameron Alexander, has today released his latest explosive anthem, “Time To Break Up” alongside an energetic and emotionally charged music video. Fans can listen to the track HERE, and watch the brand new video HERE.

With catchy melodies, soaring choruses, and the signature grit of pop punk, Cameron Alexander brings a fresh and contemporary edge to the pop punk sound, drawing inspiration from legends of the genre while infusing it with his unique style. The music video for “Time To Break Up” swings between an unforgettable house party, featuring a free-spirited Cameron and his band in an electrifying performance, and solitary moments with Cameron driving solo, top down, symbolizing his journey of moving forward.

Speaking on today’s single release, Cameron Alexander shares:

This is a song that really grew with me, and I take something new from it every time I hear it. It feels wise and content, yet so melancholy and apathetic, I didn’t even know what I was trying to convey when the lyrics spilled out of me in a studio session the day after a breakup. With time, I realized it’s about a part of life that is less romanticized and talked about than the gut-wrenching dramatic heartbreaks: The ones where deep down you both know it’s not going anywhere and you’ve learned what you could, but ripping the band-aid off still hurts. It’s about keeping the bigger picture in mind that makes it easier and inspiring to go forward. Enjoying driving with the top down and trying not to look in the rearview mirror. And in a music scene rich with dramatic heartbreak songs (trust me, I’ve got my fair share of those), I found it really refreshing and meaningful to make.”

Sharing insight as co-producer of “Time To Break Up”, Justin Cortelyou continues:

The first time I heard Time To Break Up, I was blown away. Cameron brings so much energy and emotion to this track, that it was just a matter of matching that with the mix. I love the pop punk sensibilities he has and how approachable his melodies are. It was one of those songs you can’t wait to finish just so you can listen in your car and enjoy it!

The remaining half of the co-producing duo, Liam Muckala, adds:

Time to Break Up started as just an addicting guitar riff from Cameron’s back pocket and a catchy humming melody we couldn’t get out of our brains. We built the track and Cameron took that home, finished writing, and now it’s one of our favorites we’ve done yet. Cameron’s drive and musical ability continues to surprise me with every one of his songs!

Elevated by the collaboration of decorated producers Justin Cortelyou (Taylor Swift, Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires) and Liam Muckala (Anthony Amorim, Tornsey, Eva Snyder), Cameron Alexander has infused his music with a blend of contemporary innovation and timeless authenticity, setting the stage for his rise as an artist to watch in the industry. As more begins to approach on the horizon, be sure to stay tuned for more Cameron Alexander news coming soon.


Cameron Alexander is an emerging force in the pop punk scene who effortlessly bridges the gap between the old and new. With a deep respect for the genre’s pioneers and a keen ear for contemporary trends, he crafts a captivating blend of nostalgia and modernity. Cameron has a deep care for his sound by playing every instrument in his tracks, yet it’s his relatability and knack for weaving meaningful, heartfelt lyrics with a touch of honest wit that truly resonates with fans. A torchbearer for a new generation of guitar-wielding youth, he’s revitalizing the spirit of pop punk while wholeheartedly embracing the modern musical landscape.

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