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Wheel Within Wheels by Vitalines (Frontiers Music Srl)

Wheel Within Wheels by Vitalines (Frontiers Music Srl)

Robbie LaBlanc and Tommy Denander present Vitalines

Wheel Within Wheels by Vitalines (Frontiers Music Srl)

Melodic rocks fans are in for a rapturous journey when discovering the blissful yet ultimately hard-hitting compositions found within Wheels Within Wheels by Vitalines. In another genius meeting of the minds presented by the magic of Frontiers Music Srl, Vitalines features vocalist Robbie LaBlanc of Blanc Faces and Find Me collaborating with Swedish studio wizard Tommy Denander – and the 11 songs on Wheels Within Wheel are destined to rock music fans all over the world.

Opening with the grand and captivating refrains of Judgement Day Is Here followed by the sweeping Love Not Fantasy, Wheels Within Wheels launches the listener full speed ahead into the thrilling realm of Vitalines.  Hello World, We Need To Talk is a massive stunner, where the persuasive lyrics, impassioned vocals, and shimmering melodies pack a striking sense of urgency. Cards From Another Game is a cool and clever track that should be stacked in the deck in the playlist of the worldwide radio airwaves.

You Will Never Know Magic is an absolute standout, presenting Robbie LaBlanc at his most impassioned. Life Waits For No One is one of those memorable ballads that will reside in your heart and soul long after the song spins to its conclusion. And what a powerhouse grand finale Vitalines unveil with Nothing But Silence with its stunning, “Where are the ones who used to tell us the truth? Where is the world that we should give to the youth?’ chorus leaving quite a lingering impression.

Wheels Within Wheels by Vitalines unveils amazing work from the artistic visions of Robbie LeBlanc and Tommy Denander. Also, along for this grand adventure in melodic rock is drummer Neil Anami, who has also worked on Denander’s ambitious all-star Radioactive project.  Radioactive’s latest Frontiers release is entitled X.X.X. also featured LaBlanc on three of the songs and is well worth seeking out.

Genre fans will surely embrace Wheels Within Wheels by Vitalines as one of the very best melodic rock releases of 2023!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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