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Arizona Avenue at Molly Malone’s – Live Review

Arizona Avenue at Molly Malone’s – Live Review

Lukas Connor

Arizona Avenue, Molly Malone’s Los Angeles, CA., October 21, 2023

Another Saturday night in the City of Angels, and it was time for Highwire Daze to discover some new talent in this town. One of the very best places to see up and coming independent rock and roll is Molly Malone’s – a cozy Irish pub located on Fairfax Avenue in the heart of Los Angeles.  Arizona Avenue was in the club, ready to rock the room with some pretty cool indie tunes. A band that kept showing up in my Instagram feed, I checked out their debut single Ethan’s Oblivion, and decided it was time to discover what Arizona Avenue was all about.

Opening their set with the single Ethan’s Oblivion right away, this very solid tune gained the audience’s attention at once – and the band would wind up delivering the rocking goodness tenfold. When charismatic vocalist Lukas Connor spoke in between songs, one noticed right away the English accent – an L.A. transplant via the UK, Connor’s singing channels Brit-pop infections with a dash of groovy grunge – making for an ultra-dynamic frontman performance. The band would even perform a standout song entitled London during their set.

Ethan Alcoran

Arizona Avenue presented several memorable tunes throughout their time on stage, with Given Up, Evil Eye, and Everything Is Breaking leaving quite an impression. Throughout the show, lead guitarist Ethan Alcoran really stood out with his imaginative guitar work. Bassist Keanu. (be sure to add the Period) and drummer Justin LaRoche unleashed a vibrantly energetic rhythm section that rocked the club with skilled precision.

Closing the set with a rapturous rendition of the Foo Fighters’ classic Everlong, Arizona Avenue placed their own indelible stamp on the classic rock song. With a band this massively talented and more singles to be unveiled soon, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store within the rocking poptastic streets of Arizona Avenue! Stay tuned!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Linda Emord)

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