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MERRIMACK Announce Their Sixth Studio Album entitled Of Grace and Gravity

MERRIMACK Announce Their Sixth Studio Album entitled Of Grace and Gravity

MERRIMACK Announce Their Sixth Studio Album entitled Of Grace and Gravity

Ever since they emerged from the underground back in 1995, MERRIMACK have been recognized as torchbearers of genuine black metal. The French band have played prestigious festivals like Hellfest and toured Europe with Mayhem and the US with Marduk, all while staying true to their cultish roots.

Today, Merrimack are announcing their sixth album. Of Grace and Gravity descends even deeper into the netherworld. Watch the surreal video for lead single “Sulphurean Synods“:

Of Grace and Gravity comes out March 8, 2024.


Sulphurean Synods” is a dark yet cosmic journey. Wallowing riffs and blasting drums collide with hypnotized pangs of dissonance. Goats languish the foot of the heavens, but this latest revelation from Merrimack exposes the futility of believing in even occult ministries. Vestal’s vocals spread like toxic fumes over the ghoulish growls of Misþyrming vocalist D.G.

Of Grace and Gravity represents the two opposing forces crossing where the spine of the world emerges“, Merrimack says. “One strives to reach grace, the divine particle, while bounded by gravity and the weight of time.

We have devoted ourselves to emphasize a more natural and authentic expression of our art, in its primitive form.

For “Sulphurean Synods”, D.G. (Misþyrming) has joined Vestal to mock the modern synods and their corrupted faith.

1. Sulphurean Synods (6:42)
2. Sublunar Despondency (7:07)
3. Dead and Distant Clamors (5:35)
4. Wounds that Heal (6:44)
5. Starving Crowns (8:05)
6. Under the Aimless Spheres (7:01)
7. Embalmer’s Wine (6:59)
Total: 48:13

Style: Black Metal
FFO: Watain, Valkyrja, Ondskapt

MERRIMACK are back with their new album Of Grace and Gravity. Their third release for Season of Mist arrives after the re-print of their long sold-out debut Ashes of Purification, which followed the sizeable impact that their last album, Omegaphilia, had on the Black Metal Scene.

Merrimack can be categorized as extreme traditionalists that are driven by a burning desire to hone their skills and striving to bring their art to perfection. The band was founded by guitarist Perversifier a.k.a. Amfortas in 1994 with a clear vision to keep the black metal flame burning as an act of aesthetic terrorism – as adamantly based in the underground as opposed to any attempts to co-opt, commercialize or turn the style into a self-parody. Introduced by a number of demo recordings (‘Prologue’ – 1995, ‘Act 1’ – 1995, ‘Horns Defeat Thorns’ – 2001) and split releases (with Hirilorn in 1998 and Sargeist in 2002), the French gained respect in the scene by remaining true to their words.

Although Merrimack decided to reach out to a larger audience with the release of their first full-length ‘Ashes of Purification’, the Parisians did not sever their roots with the underground at any time. With the following albums, Of Entropy and Life Denial (2006) and Grey Rigorism (2009), Merrimack closed ranks with the most influential, active, and authentic acts of the French black metal scene. Their classic combination of harsh sound with epic structures appealed to critics and fans alike and put the band on their celebrated first US tour with Marduk and Nachtmystium in 2009.

After recording The Acausal Mass (2012) in the legendary Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Destroyer 666) again, Merrimack embarked on a European tour with Norwegian icons Mayhem and accepted invitations to prestigious festivals such as Hellfest in their native France, Germany’s Party-San Open Air and Summer Breeze as well as Montreal’s Messe des Morts in Canada.

Omegaphilia’ breathed fresh life into an exhausted genre. While ignoring epithets such as progressive, post-, and avant-garde, the the band focused on razor-sharp songwriting, captivating melodies, and close to perfect arrangements.

The ensemble now presents their latest album ‘Of Grace and Gravity‘, an aural journey where grotesque assemblies of roosters and goats languish at the foot of heavens. Wallowing guitars and hypnotized passages of blasting drums collide with gravity-bound atoms in oblivion occlusion. Merrimack, in their enigmatic mastery, expose the futility of belief in occult ministries and slashes at the mask of the sky. The listener, questioned in their faith of the shadows and occult idols. Dare believe in the sulfurous whispers echoing through this blackened masterpiece.

Perversifier – Guitars
A.K. – Guitars
Blastum – Drums
Vestal – Vocals
Daethorn – Bass

Recording Studio
Studio Sainte Marthe, Paris, France

Sound, Mixing & Mastering Engineer
Francis Caste

Artwork Artist
Belial Necroarts – Front cover
Opposition Artworks – Inner illustrations
Adrien Bousson – Layout



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