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Anson at The Hotel Café – Live Review

Anson at The Hotel Café – Live Review

Anson, The Hotel Café, December 12, 2023

Anson is one of the most underrated singer/songwriters in the pop punk community whose recent album entitled A Note To Find You was revered by genre enthusiasts who took the time to discover its exhilarating reprieves. Participating within a packed Writer’s Block event at The Hotel Café right in the heart of Hollywood, Anson unveiled a few stunning brand-new songs, clearly showing an artist at the very height of his creative energies.

And while Anson has an easy going, sunny demeanor on stage, further exploration into the lyrics presents a soulful artist sharing some tough life lessons that many in the audience will relate to. The set was short and sweet yet very well worth the journey into the wilds of Tinseltown. Opening with his captivating new single Losing My Mind, Anson’s visions and energy were perfectly matched for the legendary Hotel Café vibe. Anson was joined onstage by guitarist Mike Orent and bassist Charlie Lo Presti, both of whom colored in the compositions with skill and imagination.

Anson premiered two unreleased songs which really captured the audience’s attention – Never Letting Go was absolutely impassioned while Wasting Away presented a stunning darkness along with strong sense of perseverance. 2024 looks to be a banner year for Anson with new selections this intriguing. Closing on the night with his best-known single Hailey, Anson had the audience singing along to this classic.

A new chapter for Anson is about to begin – and judging by the sampling of tunes presented at the Hotel Café, Anson is destined to break on through into the stratosphere. Be sure to catch Anson the next time he plays in your town and discover your new favorite artist on the rise.  Imagine New Found Glory steeped with a subtle yet brilliant dose of Eliott Smith, and you are just beginning to envision what Anson has in store for us all in the New Year.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Alx Corzo)

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