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Jacob Cade Announces New Project Jaguar On Mars

Jacob Cade Announces New Project Jaguar On Mars

Photo Credit: Rob Moroni



Jacob Cade’s songwriting, musical diversity, and style have been touted by everyone from American Songwriter to BraveWords to Folk n’ Rock, his songs and videos with his previous projects have collectively tallied over 75k streams and views. Today Cade is announcing his new moniker Jaguar On Mars and releasing the debut song “Nicotine”.

Hear it here:

Jaguar On Mars is a new project I have been writing and recording for the past year. It’s entirely self-produced and I play all the instruments on the recordings. For now, it’s only me but that could change when the right people come along! That’s why I wanted to use a band name versus just my own. I love the idea of being in a band and it having its own persona. That said, more music is coming from Jaguar On Mars this year! Mostly singles to start with, just to see if people are into it and where my audience will end up being,” Cade explains.

Nicotine” was produced by Jacob Cade, mixed by Joseph Chudyk (Elle King, Teddy Swin, OneRepublic), with mastering by Mike Cervantes (Dolly Parton, Snoop Dog, Avril Lavigne). “I’m so excited for “Nicotine” to be out as the first release from my new project. It feels really rewarding, being the first song I’ve fully produced myself. I hope people like it and resonate with it. I’ve been learning a lot about life lately since moving to Nashville. This song encompasses a bit about what’s gone on in my head and my feelings whilst creating a home here. The imposter syndrome, fear of what the future holds, and even thoughts of wanting to run away from it all. A short while ago I also decided to cut out nicotine and that also brought an amount of anxiety that felt fitting to incorporate into this song as well,” shared Cade.

The El Paso-born, Colorado-raised, and now Nashville-based artist recognized this truth at a young age. At eight years old, he watched Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same and it proved transformative. “Jimmy Page changed my life at that point,” he recalls.

Around the same time, Cade’s older sister battled cancer. Supporting her journey to remission alongside his family, he made a pact with himself. “Seeing her in the hospital all the time put this crazy fire in me,” he recalls. “It gave me a sense of urgency to pursue any dream I had. Life is so fragile. This weird and difficult time really defined the person I am”.

Cade moved to Nashville in 2023 to broaden his horizons and continue his creative output. “I wanted to take what I naturally do in terms of rock songwriting and gear it towards a more indie-pop style,” he explains. “That’s essence of Jaguar On Mars, it’s something you can turn on and let loose to.


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