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Cameron Alexander Announces New EP “Ice Blue Punk” Available April 26

Cameron Alexander Announces New EP “Ice Blue Punk” Available April 26

Photo Credit – Hayley Hollis

Cameron Alexander Announces New EP “Ice Blue Punk” Available April 26

Rising pop punk prodigy, Cameron Alexander, has today announced his brand new EP “Ice Blue Punk” set for release on April 26, 2024. Bursting with infectious anthems, the highly anticipated EP is set to blend his punk attitude and beloved pop sensibilities.

To celebrate today’s long-awaited announcement, Cameron has officially released a brand new single “Insomniac“, that shares a sneak peek into the upcoming EP. With catchy melodies, soaring choruses, and the signature grit of pop punk, Cameron Alexander brings a fresh and contemporary edge to the pop punk sound, drawing inspiration from legends of the genre while infusing it with his unique style. Fans can watch the new video HERE!.

Speaking on today’s EP announcement, Cameron Alexander shares:

The purpose of this song was to bend elements from traditional pop-punk songs as well as experiment with more electronic elements to resemble the confusing atmosphere that the sudden end of a relationship can cause. To me, Insomniac is a rapid fire of emotions channeled into an anthem that serves as the perfect closer to my first body of work, a triumphant cliffhanger to my life, my music, and what’s to come from both.”

Lifting the curtain behind the accompanying single release, Cameron Alexander adds:

I’m ecstatic to finally be able to release my first body of work to the world. It’s been an honor working with industry professionals as well as my best friends to create a project that embodies the journeys I’ve been on in my life up to this point. From the heartbreaks to the friendships that will last forever, from facing inner demons to learning to live and let go, the highest highs and lowest lows are all there in their perfectly imperfect reality, and it’s all wrapped up in an angsty and anthemic package for you to jump around to. Even though I create the music, it wouldn’t be what it is without the people in my life inspiring what it can become and the listeners supporting the music, and I’m forever grateful to the people that have chosen to come along for the ride.”

Elevated by the collaboration of decorated producers Justin Cortelyou (Taylor Swift, Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires) and Liam Muckala (Anthony Amorim, Tornsey, Eva Snyder), Cameron Alexander has infused his music with a blend of contemporary innovation and timeless authenticity, setting the stage for his rise as an artist to watch in the industry. As more begins to approach on the horizon, be sure to stay tuned for more Cameron Alexander news coming soon.

Ice Blue Punk Track Listing
Fight for Fun
Room of Mirrors
Time To Break Up


Cameron Alexander is an emerging force in the pop punk scene who effortlessly bridges the gap between the old and new. With a deep respect for the genre’s pioneers and a keen ear for contemporary trends, he crafts a captivating blend of nostalgia and modernity. Cameron has a deep care for his sound by playing every instrument in his tracks, yet it’s his relatability and knack for weaving meaningful, heartfelt lyrics with a touch of honest wit that truly resonates with fans. A torchbearer for a new generation of guitar-wielding youth, he’s revitalizing the spirit of pop punk while wholeheartedly embracing the modern musical landscape.

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