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meet jordn day: artist on the rise

meet jordn day: artist on the rise

meet jordn day: artist on the rise

Starting off in the pop punk band Blood Honey, then going solo under the moniker of Monday – and more recently releasing singles under his own name – jordn day is an artist on the rise that we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the months ahead.  Based of the Los Angeles area, jordn has played in iconic locations such as The Viper Room and The Bourbon Room as well as worked with sought out producers such as Kevin Thrasher and Micheal Bono.  His soon to be released single Lipstick will present pop inflections with a hard rocking edge, signifying an update in music direction that should absolutely tantalize the senses.  Highwire Daze invited jordn day over for an interview and So Finch Photography shoot at Dystopian Studios in Downtown L.A. to find out a whole lot more about this charismatic singer ready to jump into the stratosphere of stardom…

We’re here with jordn day at Dystopian Studios. First of all, what was the first song you ever wrote? How old were you and what was that song about?
I think it was a rap song. I think it was called Can’t Stop.  And it was pretty embarrassing. I was, like, 16, I think I wrote a rap song because I didn’t know how to sing yet.  I had to learn. So, I started out rapping.

Prior to Monday and then changing your name, what music projects or bands were you involved with?
I was in a band called Blood Honey when I was about 20. And what we did it was pop punk / hard rock blend kind of thing. We did that for a bit. Then I broke off and started doing my own thing because I wanted to go into more pop. And hard rock.

To the Moon is the your current song. What’s the story behind the lyrics and the inspiration for that?
So there’s a movie – it’s a Disney movie. It’s about emotions. It’s called Inside Out and there’s an imaginary friend in it. And he basically, in the movie, he sacrifices himself and he says, “I can’t take her to the moon. Can you take her to the moon for me?” So it’s, like, this whole idea of letting somebody go, but accepting the fact that somebody else can take her to the moon And that’s that’s what the lyrics are about. But I did it my own spin on it.

Fine Without Me is another one of your songs. Tell me about that.
it was just, me and my two friends, Noah Cunane and TJ Minor. We were in the studio and we’re just like, let’s make a song. Actually, it was another person with Noah Pepper. So it was supposed to be 4 people on the song, but it just turned out, like, too many people felt jumbled. So, Noah Pepper decided to step back.  And, yeah, it was just for fun at first, and then it turned out pretty well. So, we put it out.  It was just supposed to be kind of like a fun thing. But it turned out well.

What was it like performing the song with TJ Minor and Noah Cunane the other night at The Bourbon Room?
So fun! I love those kids.

That was a fun show. I actually went to that. TJ’s actually coming by later to do a photo shoot and interview as well.
It was so good. TJ’s amazing.

17 is another song you did with Noah Cunane. Tell me about that song.
That was a song that actually had a few features. So, at first, it’s just me, and then there’s one with an artist named Barns Courtney. And then there’s one was supposed to be Mod Sun. And then it was Noah Cunane and he was amazing. But that song is about addiction. I kind of started doing drugs when I was 17. And it was like, my turning point of my life kind of going to shit. And then at 23, I kind of got sober – I’m sober now. So, it was just kind of like a, I love you, but also fuck you to my 17-year-old self. It was like, I’m glad I went through it all, but yeah.

You have an upcoming song called Lipstick. Tell me a little about that one.
That is my next song. It is about kind of like a love hate relationship with a woman where she’s got a dark side to her, but I love it. Like, it’s, lipstick. The lyrics are, “Lipstick stains on your enemies.”  It’s sexy. It’s fun. I also made that with my past band, Blood Honey. The guitarist and drummer were involved in that, and then the producer is Kevin Thrasher.

What was it like working with him?
He’s amazing. He’s super talented, fun guy, very funny. Super cool. He’s great. He’s he has a guitar solo in there, and it’s amazing.

What can one expect from a live jordn day show?
You can expect the unexpected. I hope you don’t expect what I’m gonna do. I hope that I can continue to bring uniqueness and difference to every show. I hope that it’s always different.

I’ve seen one show of yours at the Viper Room. What was it like playing the legendary Viper Room?
It was amazing. I actually love The Viper Room. My first show there was a little rough, but I think it was just because it was my first show, and then the second show felt great. The energy in there is amazing. So many legends have played there. I’m blessed to be in LA where I can play all these venues where all these legends have played. And it’s just, like, what more can I ask for, you know? The energy is crazy. The green rooms where it’s like Motley Crue pictures and Bob Marley pictures – it’s insane. I’m very grateful.  So much history.

If you could open for any band either now or from the past, who would it be?
I love to do Post Malone, current. And I’d love to do Queen past.

What do you think of our local Los Angeles music scene overall?
I love it. I love the people around me. I think the scene is blossoming in a beautiful way. And I think rock music is coming back and it’s amazing. I think I couldn’t ask for a better time to come into it. I think that if I came into it, like, 5 or 6 years before, it wouldn’t be as fun as it is now because people are (into it and) it’s back!. The energy is back!

What’s up next for you?
I’m gonna get this song Lipstick out, and it’s a new sound. I think it’s my sound. I think everything else in my past songs have kind of been 2 years old, and I’ve been trying to get them out. Now this is my fresh sound that I think that hopefully people gravitate towards it. It’s more of the harder rock side, more, British rock, I would say. With pop vocals. So, I feel like it’s unique to what most people are doing. So, I have Lipstick coming out, and then, the next song will be Pushing Daisies. And then the next song will – I don’t know what it’s called yet. But it’s good. It’s exciting. And then the producers with those ones, Michael Bono. We have, Kevin Thrasher. And then, Pushing Daisies is with Nick Axel Kauffman.  3 different producers, same sound, but it’s exciting…

(Interview by Ken Morton – Photos by Vivian Ortega of So Finch Photographer)

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