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Doll Riot Announce New Album Grage / Punk Rock Bowling appearance

Doll Riot Announce New Album Grage / Punk Rock Bowling appearance

Photo by Jack Lue


San Diego-based all-girl rock group Doll Riot has dropped the details on their upcoming new LP, ‘Grage’. The girls have partnered with the label Last Hurrah for an exclusive vinyl release and is teasing the effort with a pre-order and stream of their PJ Harvey cover of “Sheela-Na-Gig” over at The Bad Copy and Soundcloud. The 12-inch LP is available for pre-order for $25 over at Last Hurrah, includes 2 exclusive tracks, and is limited to 500 copies. Variants include blood (ultra-clear with blood splatter) and Grage (ultra-clear with neon pink and purple splatter). Those who purchase the vinyl should expect delivery by the end of May, and the digital release of ‘Grage’ is set for a June 14th release.

Doll Riot embodies the DIY spirit and a relentless work ethic, having played nearly 100 shows over 23/24 to date and releasing impactful singles that are gaining traction on punk/rock playlists and blogs. This young quartet, comprised of longtime friends, recently wrapped up the ‘Grage’ LP with acclaimed producer Alex Estrada (known for his work with Touché Amore, Joyce Manor, and Rotting Out), setting the stage for a promising future. Fresh from the studio and ready for the stage, Doll Riot has quickly risen in San Diego’s vibrant music scene, crushing audiences and always making new friends across the West Coast. Their high-energy performances, often alongside legendary bands like Agent Orange and Poison Hearts, resonate with the rebellious spirit of ‘riot girl’ punk rock from the ’90s underground scene. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like L7, Hole, and Bikini Kill, Doll Riot’s upcoming album is eagerly anticipated to blend their distinctive sound with innovative new ideas.

Doll Riot will also play Punk Rock Bowling the weekend of May 24-27, 2024. The girls will be in the company of legendary bands playing at the festival, including Descendents, Devo, Scowl, Madness, Gorilla Biscuits, and more. Tickets are now on sale, and Punk Rock Bowling will be hosted at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.

Pre-Order ‘Grage’ LP from Last Hurrah

Listen to “Sheela-Na-Gig” on Soundcloud

Doll Riot Website | Instagram

Listen to Doll Riot on Spotify | Apple Music | Youtube

Side A
1. Grage Anthem
2. Murder Spree
3. Get A Life
4. B-29
5. In Too Deep
6. Paresthesia
7. Hate (vinyl exclusive)

Side B
1. Mrreowrr
2. Poison
3. Those Days
4. Momentary
5. Sheela-Na-Gig (vinyl exclusive – listen)
6. Home=

5/3 – Tremont Collective – Oceanside, CA
5/4 – Casbah – San Diego, CA (w/ Manic Hispanic)
5/18 – The Smell – Los Angeles, CA
5/26 – Punk Rock Bowling – Las Vegas, NV (w/ Skating Polly)


In 2020, four North County San Diego high school students formed an all-girl garage band. The teens found themselves in a rage of frustration and discouragement in the midst of a pandemic, unable to book shows. When the world started to reopen, vocalist Elena Olszak, guitarist Ella Sauer, bassist London Kraus, and drummer Lillee Gillum were more determined than ever. The group started playing shows regularly throughout the city, and it wasn’t long before the four girls began the making of their wildly untamed original music. Inspired by real-life dilemmas and political angst, the music of Doll Riot’s raw energy and unapologetic lyrics encourage listeners to question the status quo and embrace their own voices, as featured on their debut album, Grage. The vinyl version of Grage includes thirteen songs, including two tracks exclusive to the vinyl record – the song “Hate” and a cover of “Sheela-Na-Gig” by PJ Harvey.

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