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The World of Danny Goo

The World of Danny Goo

The World of Danny Goo

Danny Goo is a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles who is beginning to make his presence known well above and beyond the City of Angels.  Like Heroin is the name of his latest single – a super infectious pop rock anthem that should be all over the worldwide radio airwaves.  Danny has played at legendary venues such as The Whisky and The Viper Room, and even did a national tour in support of his debut Butterflies EP Highwire Daze recently caught up with Danny Goo at Dystopian Studios to find more about this amazing new artist on the rise.  Read on…

We’re here with Danny Goo at Dystopian Studios.
What’s up?

First of all, what was the very first song you ever wrote?
The first song I ever wrote… I guess for Danny Goo, the first one I could remember that I wrote, when I was probably doing this was called The Show Last Night and it’s on my YouTube channel.  “I was too shy to say hi to you at the show last night” and you DM someone. You’re too shy to say hi to them at the show.

Prior to going solo, what kind of music projects or bands were you involved in?
I tried to start a metalcore band before that called Mudder. I did write songs on that. But that never went anywhere. I think the demo is on like Bandcamp. If anyone finds it, go ahead.

Did you scream on it?
Yes. Then there’s something else, but I’ll just keep it. It’s too cringe.  It’s like another metal band that I tried with my old friend.  I won’t provide the link. But if you know, you know.

Let’s talk about your song Like Heroin. What is the inspiration behind that song?
I was like, what’s the most vivid way I can describe like being stuck in a toxic relationship? It just kind of came to me while we were writing the instrumental. I just ended up singing out the chorus. “You’re stuck in my head. You’re like heroin.” Because I just thought it sounded cool. It’s a good description because sometimes when you’re in a really toxic relationship, it can feel like an addiction and that’s why so many people don’t leave those situations. Some people never do. Just like drugs, even though it’s like crazy to say that. Just like drugs or like sex or like whatever you’re fucking addicted to. It’s just like another thing. It was showing that it doesn’t make it any less if you struggle with that. Like everyone’s equal. Everyone’s struggling.

You shot the video for Like Heroin at the club Knucklehead and on the 6th Street Bridge in L.A. What was that experience like shooting on the bridge and then at that club?
The club I shot that, and it was fun. Like it was a really good performance. That was a really fun show. That video was really cool, and I was like, I need to shoot a music video for the song. I think this would be a good idea.  I hit up my film guy, Johnny B (Johnny Blanford III), and I was like, come through. Then he filmed me. Then I was like, we got to do some more shots. Then we were shooting at this place in downtown he’s liked. Some random ass place. Then we were walking. We walked right by the entrance to the bridge. I was like, dude, I’ve always wanted to go on this bridge. Let’s just shoot up here. Then we ended up getting some of the best shots up there. It was cool.

Tell me about White Lies with Clancy and how that collaboration came about.
We had been following each other. Then she hit me up, like wanting to do a song. I think I did too. I think we both were just like, “let’s fucking write a song.” Then after a while, she pulled up to the studio. Then we wrote the song. It was the first time we ever like hung out. I think I met her at like a show. Like one of her shows. I went to her show, but that was it. Then I was like, “let’s fucking do this,” and we became better friends after that, and just wrote that song. It was a banger. Pretty simple, just organic on that one. Just wrote about liars.

Hollywood’s Just Not Into You with Ghost Heart. Tell me a little about that song.
My buddy Jojo was producing for Ghost Heart. He’s also one of my producers, Jojo. Then Ghost Heart really wanted me to feature. I was just like, fuck it, and I went in. I did the feature.

What does that mean to you? Hollywood’s Just Not Into You?
He actually wrote that. I wrote my part, but I don’t know exactly. I’d have to ask him.

Well let’s talk about a song you did write. Cut My Hair.  What was it like cutting your hair for the song Cut Your Hair? Was that something you really wanted to do?
I definitely was like at the point with my long hair. I was like, I need a fresh start again. I remember a long time ago when I did that. When I used to have long hair. I buzzed it all off like a long, long time ago. I was just repeating the pattern, writing the song about that time I was in back then. I was just like going back to exactly how I felt then. Then I wrote that song.

The name of your CD is Butterflies.  Is there any story behind that title?
Just like one of the songs on there, Butterflies, “where did all my butterflies go?” I thought that captured the record a lot. Because I was like, obviously it’s like a bunch of heartbroken songs. I definitely was chasing the butterflies again. Now I’m hearing that butterflies aren’t a good thing. But I don’t know. It’s kind of just really cool concept. I was like, this is the perfect album name.

How close are you to writing and releasing new material?
I have a bunch of songs. I’ve just kind of been focusing on Like Heroin. Now I’m planning on releasing a new song. I’m going to start a promo for that soon. Just going to shoot some videos and kind of just start promoting that, and focus on that song for a while. Then focus on the song after that for a while. Then eventually I have a whole record that… It’s not fully done. But it’s pretty much there. I figured I’d just focus on some of the singles now and get it rolling.

What has it been like playing legendary venues such as the Whisky and the Troubadour?
Experiences that I definitely will hold close forever. I didn’t even know about all those venues until I moved out here. I’d heard about Whisky obviously. I’d heard about Viper. Having the opportunity to play at those venues and like still being able to and playing at new venues. I just played in LA at the Bourbon Room.

That’s such a cool place.
It’s so nice, and the Troubadour was like… That was badass. I love the way the venue takes care of the artists. Really cool. Like hospitality I would say. Just a cool venue.

You did a tour for Butterflies. What was that experience like to tour outside of LA?
That was great. I mean that’s just something I’d always wanted to do. I’ve done little weekend runs and stuff. But I never really like just done a tour. It was a pain in the ass booking it. But once it was done, I freaking booked it. Then it was worth all the work and all the time that we put into it. It was a lot of fun. I want to go on another tour soon. Just kind of waiting on the next opportunity and focusing on just releasing. Then getting back out on the road.

Where are you originally from?
Denton, Texas. Dallas and Denton.

I recently went to Dallas to go see a band at a place called Trees. I don’t know if you’ve been there.
Yes, I love Trees.  I love Deep Ellum.

If you could open for any band, either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
All American Rejects.

You came up with that right away.
Because All American Rejects for sure is like the first band I ever got into. I love them.

What’s up next for you?
The new single. That’s definitely coming up. That’s definitely what’s next. Then I have a potential show. Just that single is definitely what’s next.

If people want to get a hold of you, how do they get a hold of you? Just plug your socials.
Itsdannygoo on everything. Even on Cash App.

Even on Cash App. That’d be a great way to end there. (Much laughter)
Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. If you just want to follow my shit, support, or I don’t know, hit me up.

Danny Goo will be performing the We Found New Music (WFNM) event at Hotel Ziggy on June 5th!

(Interview by Ken Morton – Photos by Vivian Ortega of So Finch Photography)

Danny Goo on Instagram

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