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Riding With Killers (Taproot etc) Release Music Video For “DNA”

Riding With Killers (Taproot etc) Release Music Video For “DNA”

Photo by Cheyenne Comerford

Riding With Killers (Taproot etc) Release Music Video For “DNA”

The ferocious new single is from the band’s latest album, Full Circle. Taylor Roberts, the guitarist of Taproot, is featured in the band.

Riding With Killers, a Detroit-based alt/metal group featuring current and former members of Taproot, etc., has just unveiled a new music video for their single “DNA.” This visually stunning video, directed by renowned film director Jason Arntz of Revo Media, is set to elevate the band’s powerful music and sound to new heights. The single is now available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, and the band has exciting live shows lined up, including appearing at Havoc Fest in Jackson, Mississippi, with Kittie, Cold, Smile Empty Soul, and more.

Riding With Killers (RWK) is a Detroit-based trio that stands out with its fresh and unique blend of alt, rock, and metal. Led by Taylor Roberts, guitarist of Taproot, RWK’s sound is a fusion of their past experiences fronting and writing for multiple groups, including Wild Fire and Cathercist. Their latest album ‘Full Circle’, released on December 9th, is a fiery mix of 90’s alt-rock, industrial, and nu-metal, balanced with infectious choruses and memorable guitar riffs. Produced by Matthew Laplant, the album features singles like “Novelty” and “Hostility”.

Watch “DNA” on Youtube
Listen to ‘DNA” on Spotify | Apple Music | Youtube Audio
For listeners of – Of Mice & Men, Filter, Stabbing Westward, Bring Me The Horizon etc.

Upcoming Shows:
6.15.24 – The Music Factory – Battle Creek, MI
8.23.24 – Havoc Fest – Jackson, MI
11.22.24 – The Machine Shop – Flint, MI (w/ Taproot)

The concept behind the video was to show how a cry for help can sometimes go unnoticed, even in an arena where you’re supposed to tell your story and ask for help. I almost lost one of my best friends to addiction/alcoholism, and this song/video is the result of our phone calls about his struggles and him getting back on track to a better life. If you need help, seek it because there are people who will listen and hear you.” – Taylor Roberts / Riding With Killers

The 12 songs on ‘Full Circle’ serve as a storytelling platform for the life challenges and successes of guitarist/vocalist Taylor Roberts over recent years. The lead track “Do This On My Own” and its artwork, both inspired by a time he was lost on an island in the Bahamas, offer a personal and relatable connection to the band’s music. Roberts realized that if he didn’t have the tools to do things himself, he could be in quite the wrong position. While on his adventures, he snapped photos that became part of the artwork for the ‘Full Circle’ release. Roberts also enlisted the help of friends Paul McCoy of 12 Stones (on World Apart) and Jennie Nord of Rave The Reqviem (on In Silence) for guest vocals.

Taylor Roberts, also the guitarist of Taproot, formed Riding With Killers (RWK) in 2018 in the ashes of his former projects Cathercist and Wild Fire, both of which had success in the hard rock genre over the years. Roberts befriended RWK’s 1st drummer, Dave Coughlin, on tour in 2013, when Coughlin was the drummer of Taproot. The two linked up for co-writing with friends Tim Krukowski (ex-Sponge), producer Matthew LaPlant, and James Lascu (ex-Wilson). Matthew LaPlant mastered the singlet at Madtown Mix Studios, and the band is rounded out by their newest drummer, Jed Thibeault (Avalon Black, etc) and bassist Kris Kress.

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