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Melodic Metal band NEPTUNE signs record deal with Pride & Joy Music

Melodic Metal band NEPTUNE signs record deal with Pride & Joy Music

Melodic Metal band NEPTUNE signs record deal with Pride & Joy Music; single & lyric video for “Metal Hearts” released today!

Swedish Melodic Metal band Neptune is the latest addition to Germany based label Pride & Joy Music’s roster! The group from Stockholm will release its second album “End Of Time” on September 20th, 2024!

Today is the release date of the first single & lyric video for the track “Metal Hearts” which you find at this link:


Neptune is a Melodic Metal band with a long and vibrant history dating back to the early 1980s. Influences from classic heroes such as Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Accept, but of course, with a more modern touch that belongs in the 21st century are obvious.

During the 80s, the band recorded several demo tapes which led into meetings with multiple record labels. Ultimately, one of these labels funded the recording of an EP that was never released, causing the band to lose momentum, and eventually split up for what was believed to be for good.

It wasn’t until 30 years later, specifically in 2018, that these recordings from the 80’s were released along with several of their early demo recordings, resulting in the album “Land of Northern.” This release reignited the band’s passion, leading them to record a completely new album in 2020 entitled “Northern Steel” which still featured three original members from the 80’s line-up. Now, Neptune releases the album “End of Time” on September 20th, 2024 via Germany based Pride & Joy Music which is a musical continuation of the previous record. Since all band members contribute to songwriting, the material covers a wide range of styles and emotions.

Neptune’s lyrics often have a connection to their ancient Nordic history, and as a sounding board or creative engine, they often use an underlying narrative for their albums. This time it’s based around the last known Viking, Harald Hardrada and several somewhat fictionalized stories about his life and existence. It inspired them to several of the lyrics on the album, especially Harald’s final battle at Stamford Bridge that was fierce and relentless, culminating in Harald Hardrada’s passing, marking the end of the Viking Age. His followers then celebrated this event as the “End of time.”

Produced and mixed by Jan Tosh Ason
Co-produced by Neptune
All music and arrangements by Neptune
Recorded at Stockholm Soundroom
Mastered by Hoffe Stannow/Cosmos Mastering
Artwork by Spoil
Photos and Graphics by Anders Olsson

Row Alex – Vocals
Anders Olsson – Guitars
Jan Tosh Ason – Bass & Vocals
Johan Rosth – Keyboards
Jonas Wikström – Drums

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