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The New Era by From Inside (Self-released EP)

The New Era by From Inside (Self-released EP)

The New Era by From Inside (Self-released EP)

Raging out of the legendary Liverpool, UK music scene is From Inside, an up-and-collective ready to take on the world with their tremendous brand of modern day alternative metal. Comparisons to Bring Me The Horizon While She Sleeps and even Linkin Park may abound, but From Inside is their very own sonic beast, and the auditory adventure they unleash upon the world at large is well worth seeking out.  The New Era is the name of their self-released debut EP being issued on lucky Friday the 13th of January, and it’s likely to leave quite an impact on all who venture out to give a good listen.

The New Era commences with the haunting yet quite startling refrains of Still Breathing, and one notices right away the thrilling, atmospheric wall of sound and deeply personal lyrics. An electronic underscore and exhilarating breakdowns keep things wondrously interesting in the opening song as well as throughout the entire EP. Be Yourself is persuasive and cathartic, exploding through your speakers with a dire sense of urgency.

The hard hitting reveries continue on with the dark and introspective Find My Way followed by the emotional intensity exuded within Two Sides Of Me. And then closing out The New Era on a thunderously cinematic note is There Was A Time, destined to leave a lingering impression while making you want to relive the From Inside experience all over again.  The otherworldly music box interludes throughout this final track infinitely enrapture the senses.

The sheer artistry found within the tapestries of The New Era is presented courtesy of Simon Mora, Thomas Booth, Phil Wynne, Nick Stirrup, and Bam Roberts.- all bringing the impassioned songs to an ultra-vivid life. From Inside teamed up with Drew Lawson at Steel City Studios (clients include Bring Me The Horizon and While She Sleeps), unveiling a sweeping prologue to what will surely be a brilliant career. With a debut this thoroughly thought provoking and sonically inspiring, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for the resourceful membership of From Inside. Stay tuned!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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