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Enigma Infinite by Memories In Broken Glass (Hammer Forged Records)

Enigma Infinite by Memories In Broken Glass (Hammer Forged Records)

Enigma Infinite by Memories In Broken Glass (Hammer Forged Records)

There is a mysticism and intrigue to be found within the expansive compositions of Enigma Infinite by Memories In Broken Glass. On the progressive metal/djent side of the spectrum, Memories In Broken Glass clearly aspires to shatter genre expectations, coming up with a sound that is persuasively otherworldly. This San Antonio, Texas-based collective present sonic reveries that are as epic in scope as the massive state they hail from. Featuring 10 tracks of pure sonic intensity and sweepingly passionate lyrics, Enigma Infinite is destined to leave a stunning impression on listeners well above and beyond the confines of the Lone Star State.

From the superbly crafted opening refrains of Search And Discover and throughout the recording, Memories In Broken Glass enraptures the imagination with heavy yet supremely intricate soundwaves and impassioned vocals. Through The Eyes Of Deception and As The Tables Turn transport the listeners into a sonic orbit, absolutely tantalizing the senses. Contrasts Of Despair possesses both quiet moments of reflection following by soaring moments of spiraling edginess. Waves envelopes the moment with an ocean of atmospheric sound complete with a swimmingly epic chorus.

The Constant and Echoes Of Command kick off the second half of the auditory adventure, with these two very spirited, compelling tracks demonstrating just how creative and resourceful the entire Memories In Broken Glass membership is. Odyssey is warm and hypnotic – a dreamlike reprieve that enchants and soothes. The metallic energy returns with A Million Voices slamming it all into the stratosphere in a vast and epic show of strength. And be sure to stay for the shimmering grand finale of Ember, cathartic and desolate in scope, concluding the Enigma Infinite experience with a haunting sense of grace and timelessness.

The exquisite tapestries found within Enigma Infinite by Memories In Broken Glass are courtesy of Saul Castillo on vocals, George Garcia on drums, Mark Martinez on guitar and backing vocals, Randy King on bass and backing vocals, and Justin Garcia on guitar. Skillfully produced by longtime producer Robert Beltran (Shattered Sun), Enigma Infinite a thrilling audio journey that music aficionados will want to revisit time and again. It will be exciting to hear what the future has in store for this massively talented band on the rise. Fans of Meshuggah and Tool may want to check in on what Memories In Broken Glass has to offer the world at large. And if you would like to further explore the compositions of vocalist Saul Castillo, be sure to check into his recently unveiled solo album The Individual on Bandcamp!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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