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The Shakers at The Viper Room

The Shakers at The Viper Room

The Shakers, The Viper Room, January 27, 2017

The Shakers made a grand return to the infamous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip in celebration of their brand spanking new self-released EP entitled Waves. And there was certainly an ocean of appreciation from their fans who packed out the club on a Friday night, ready to rock with the rapturous refrains emitting from one of L.A.’s most scandalously underrated collectives.

New vocalist Blaze Powers has made an indelible impression on the fans, exuding a dazzling amount of star quality. There is always an excitement within the hallowed walls of the Viper Room, and the electricity filled the air as The Shakers took to the stage and opening with an absolutely raging rendition of Eyes To The Sky, instantly captivating the crowd with their devastatingly talented lead vocalist and outstanding musicianship from all members.

Intriguing songs were aplenty, with highlights such as Low Lights, Take A Lil Fire, and Let Me In leaving an indelible impression. And those wanting to hear older material from The Shakers were treated to a stunning rendition of their should-be massive on the radio hit Strong Sharp Creature. Chris Lee presented an exhilarating amount of imaginative guitar work as well as shined on co-lead vocals on various songs. And what a thrilling rhythm section arriving in the lethal combination of Ro on bass and Nick Woods on drums. The departure of their previous lead vocalist was certainly difficult and surprising, but Blaze Powers is a remarkable, engaging presence, unveiling an exciting new chapter for a band primed and ready to take the music industry by storm!

Closing out their set with the rip-roaring Apple Tree from the dynamic Waves EP, The Shakers demonstrated that they are truly a divine rock and roll force ready to break out above and beyond the City of Angels. Be sure to check into what The Shakers has to offer, as their high energy live shows and superbly memorable tunes are not to be missed!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Jack Lue)

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