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Sleeptalk and The Color Wild at White Oak Music and Arts

Sleeptalk and The Color Wild at White Oak Music and Arts


Sleeptalk, The Color Wild. White Oak Music and Arts, March 3, 2017

It may have been an otherwise sleepy Friday night in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, but the White Oak Music and Arts club was pop rocking and drawing quite a crowd. Celebrating the commencement of the Sleeptalk / The Color Wild tour – the two bands were on the verge of fearlessly trekking across eleven states throughout the entire month on March. Also on the bill were My Native Tongue, Hush and Rouxx – all friends of the headline Sleeptalk, supplying tremendous local support. It was wonderfully encouraging to see so many people turn out early to support all of the bands on the bill.

Headliners Sleeptalk are based out of the Los Angeles area, and certainly received a glorious sendoff from their many fans within the White Oak. Unveiling their own intriguing brand of “space rock,” Sleeptalk enveloped the room with a glorious amalgamation of atmospheric rock and indie pop that was absolutely thrilling to witness. Recently signed to Gold Standard Records via Artery Recordings, Sleeptalk clearly enraptured the room with dazzling selections such as Indio California. Bones and February. Vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick performs with a rapturous amount of passion and conviction, bringing the sweeping lyrics to ultra-vivid life. The dual guitar artistry courtesy of Jason Fitzpatrick and Justin Melchor colored in the songs with imagination and flair. Bassist Paul McGill and drummer Jacques Harmandjian made for a rock solid rhythm, section, supplying a massive amount of gripping beats to the proceedings. The chemistry between all members of Sleeptalk is electrifying and the songs are absolutely magical and stratospheric. Sleeptalk is definitely a young band looking to chart their own auditory journey upon the world at large, and their live set is sure to enrapture even the most finicky of music critic. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for this supremely exhilarating band.

The Color Wild

Supplying perfect support on the entire tour is The Color Wild from the Sacramento / Vacaville area, whose superbly infectious brand of indie pop really set the entire night in motion. With colorful paint on their faces and a kaleidoscopic artillery of instantly memorable songs, there is no doubt The Color Wild made a terrific number of new fans and friends at their vividly entertaining White Oak show. Opening with the pulsating refrains of Clean and then diving headfirst into Wild Things and Cinnamon, The Color Wild definitely won over the audience in an epic way. Each member exuded a ton of charisma onstage, featuring the lively talents of Kyle Crosson on vocals, Jesse Crosson on keys and vocals, Jaden Crosson on drums, and Josh Hansen on lead guitar. Closing song Brighter Than The Moon was a definitive standout, sounding like it could be played all over the radio airwaves. Also being represented by the folks at The Artery Foundation, The Color Wild is sure to leave a lasting impact of all types of music fans looking for instantly memorable songs presented by a tremendously resourceful collective!

If you are within the path of the Sleeptalk / The Color Wild tour and enjoy thoroughly timeless pop indie rock entreaties, be sure to catch up with these rising stars! Another exciting night at White Oak Music & Arts courtesy of Third String Productions.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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