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Barb Wire Dolls and Vigil Of War at The Whisky

Barb Wire Dolls, Vigil Of War, The Whisky, April 10, 2017

Barb Wire Dolls

It was week two of Barb Wire Doll’s April residency at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip, and the iconic nightclub was packed to the rafters, all awaiting the arrival of the rapturous Isis Queen and her rock solid band. Discovered by Lemmy a few years ago and signed to his Motorhead Records imprint just prior to his passing, Barb Wire Dolls recently unveiled the almighty Desperate – their debut slice of hard rocking goodness for the label. In a live setting, Barb Wire Dolls are nothing short of mesmerizing, captivating the audience with sonic gems that are absolutely timeless. Comparisons to Blondie, Garbage, and L7 may abound, but Barb Wire Dolls are their won infinite beast.

Unleashing songs with a ton of imagination and intrigue, Isis Queen and her crew thoroughly enraptured The Whisky with exhilarating selections such as Walking Dead, Surreal, and Blind To Your Misery. Isis Queen is a commanding presence, delving out the empowering lyrics with a glorious sense of ferocity. The entire Barb Wire Dolls collective was on fire, filling the entire room with a devastating wall of auditory ecstasy. Closing out their set with the dazzling one-two punch of Start A Revolution and We Are Champions, Barb Wire Dolls displayed their own sense of individuality and encouraged their fans to do the same. A stunning performance from a band destined to breakthrough in an epic way!

And this just in!  Barb Wire Dolls will be on the Vans Warped Tour this summer!

Vigil Of War

In addition to the Barb Wire Dolls takeover at The Whisky for their April residency, Isis Queen invited other female fronted bands to perform throughout the month including New Evil, The Svetlanas, Turbulent Hearts, Earthsleep, and a promising brand new collective named Vigil Of War. Performing their second show ever on the hallowed stage of The Whisky, the early arrivals were treated to the exciting beginnings of a band destined to set the LA music scene on fire. Kicking off the night with the raging refrains of Live Wire, Vigil Of War set the night in motion with their dynamic amalgamation of punk, melodic metal, and good old fashioned rock and roll.  If their dynamic look and brilliant musicianship isn’t more than enough to gain your attention, their instantly memorable tunes such as War Inside My Head and Stitch Me Up will certainly set the imagination in flight. And their scorching rendition of the Billy Idol classic White Wedding was absolutely wondrous to behold.

Lead vocalist and bassist Alicia Vigil is superbly charismatic exuding a ton of star quality, delivering the goods with a fierce amount of passion and conviction. Kiana De Leon shreds with an almighty vengeance on lead guitar while Shane Taylor supplies an exhilarating energy and ferocity on rhythm guitar. And then there’s drummer Sasha De Leon, driving the beats home with a mighty amount of concentration and precision. Closing out with the massively infectious Bite The Bullet, there was no doubt Vigil Of War possessed the sonic artillery to slam onto the big leagues.

Be sure catch Barb Wire Dolls, Vigil Of War and the rest of these talented female fronted bands as they continue their April residency every Monday night at The Whisky!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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