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Stealing Sand by Transient Songs (Self-released)

Stealing Sand by Transient Songs (Self-released)

Stealing Sand is an album of mostly quiet, mid-tempo songs, well-produced, not too flashy yet heartfelt.  There’s sing-speak vocals by Jon Frum, his and Michael Shunk’s guitars play pretty in most songs, yet there are a few more energetic tracks that will give you chills with their combination of powerful drums and noisy yet melodic guitars that bring to mind The Church‘s former string-slinger Marty-Wilson Piper.

The title track wraps you in warm vocals and lulling guitar lines, the tempo barely rising to more than a slow dance, while The Summer Resigns builds to an almost rousing finale with guitars that thrill like lightning in an oncoming downpour of much-needed rain.

Fall City turns the distortion up a little on the guitar for a rollicking number that will get your toes tapping, Frum putting more force in his vocals, guitars shimmer and soothe, leading to the most rocking song on Stealing Sand called Drug Dreams, rousing your spirits with grinding guitars and a powerful performance on drums by Craig Keller.  Those guitars alternate between higher buzzing sounds and power chords sure to put stars in your eyes and oxygen in your blood as you dance the night away.

Split between mellow and muscular, on Stealing Sand, Transient Songs calm and thrill in equal measure, their message of love spelled out in bold letters.

Transient Songs is:
Jon Frum – Vocals, Guitar
Michael Shunk – Guitar
Dayna Loeffler – Bass
Craig Keller – Drums
Barb Hunter – Cello

(by Bret Miller)


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