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Taking A Wild Ride On The Budderside

Photo Credit: Lori Hutchinson

Taking A Wild Ride On The Budderside

Budderside is ready to hard rock your world in a fast and epic way!  On the verge of releasing their next magnum opus via Motörhead Records, Budderside is sure to thrill the senses of all who encounter their exhilarating reprieves. Highwire Daze recently interviewed Budderside’s superbly charismatic front man Patrick Stone to find out a whole lot more about this raging collective!  Our wild ride to the Budderside commences now…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Budderside, and how long the band has been together.
Hello, my name is Patrick Stone and I am one of the founders, singer, songwriter and guitar player for Budderside. The Stoneman, Rich Sacco and I formed the band around the songs before I was even in my 20’s. Fast forward many years and configurations later, we got serious, started to tour and recorded our debut album in 2016.

How did you wind up being signed to Motorhead Records, and what were your impressions of the one and only Lemmy.
I got in tight with Lem and Phil in my early 20’s. They soon invited me to be their roadie. I toured with Motörhead for a while. Lem and Phil always encouraged my songwriting and musical talents. Around the same time, I met Todd Singerman, who always told me “You got something, kid. Let me know when you’re ready to get serious.” It wasn’t until after I recovered from a major battle with drugs and alcohol that I realized I was ready and “serious”. I gave Todd a call and he threw us in the recording studio with Lem’s brilliant son, Paul to record our debut. By the time we showcased for Lem and the label, the deal was done and we couldn’t be more proud, than to be part of “The Loudest Label On Earth”.

My impressions of Lemmy were that of his immeasurable kindness, his adorable sick sense of humor and endless love beyond the unstoppable force of everything he created and left behind that will live forever.

You are about the release some new music.  Select two new songs and what inspired the lyrics.
Zen – Everyone on their phones and computers chasing validation and a quick fix. Disconnecting from each other while always interacting, alone, but not. It’s an incredible time for the human race and strange to step back and look upon us. Many in-depth conversations with a young, beautiful, damaged emo gen, gamer friend of mine inspired an interesting perspective on a mythical figure that quite possibly lives within us all. It’s crazy that I wrote the lyrics for this song about desperately seeking yourself, in a time of absolute fulfillment, balance and actually, complete Zen.

Things We Do – A drug induced vantage point of how harsh reality is when you commit completely to riding the edge without a care. The point of it all, “the great high” and the lives it costs for only a handful left to tell the story in the end. But, what an amazing ride and a story only the strong live to tell. We’ve learned a thing or two living how we have. The message and lesson to this song is gargantuan.

What could one expect from a live Budderside show?
Raw energy. A strong good vibe. An odyssey of vocals, a strong rhythm and a wild ride. Us getting up there is more than just music, there is a story. You can feel it and become a part of it. Our new 5 piece line up has me as an unchained ring leader that aims to please with a top notch musician band of brothers surrounding me. The future holds something very promising when it comes to theatrics. We’ll be going well beyond what’s expected.

Budderlive live at Ultimate Jam Night – Photo by Ken Morton

How did your recent summer tour go and what were some of the highlights?
Finland sticks out mostly because we’d never been there before. A tour bus is one thing, but numerous planes, vans and boats all in one trip is unforgettable. As always, Europeans are exciting to be around. Their appreciation for rock n roll is stellar, so the shows are always a blast. In Sweden, there are the Axeland’s – The most hospitable family -that we can’t wait to see every time we visit. It’s becoming tradition to visit Ales Stenar (Ale’s Stones), Sweden’s Stonehenge. It’s a mystical place atop a grassy mountain overlooking the southern Baltic Sea. One of my favorite things to do is visit a country’s “magical” locations. Bremen, Germany has “The Bremen Town Musicians”, Amsterdam has “The Dam Square” and Sweden has the Ale’ Stones. A place where powerful wishes are heard and a journey into dreams-come-true can begin. I take a moment to meditate in these places, find my center and let myself fly. The weight of all I’ve carried makes me stronger, the hope I have lifts me higher and my vision for the future becomes clearer. This last visit was no exception and I’ve never been so excited to walk into what I saw with my mind’s eye, there.