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Bad Boy Eddy: A Hard Rocking Can Of Whoop Ass!

Bad Boy Eddy: A Hard Rocking Can Of Whoop Ass!

Bad Boy Eddy: A Hard Rocking Can Of Whoop Ass!

Bad Boy Eddy is a hard rocking band from the Bay Area whose Take A Bite Outta This! manifesto was unleashed through Demon Doll Records. They’ve opened for the likes of Y& T and Lita Ford in the Bay Area as well as made their way to the world famous Whisky on the Sunset Strip for a raging performance at CrüeFest 2018!  Highwire Daze Online recently caught up with lead guitarist Dave Saker to find out more about the amazing Bad Boy Eddy and their rock and roll entreaties!  A hard rocking can of whoop ass commences now…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Bad Boy Eddy, and how long the band has been together.
Hi, my name is Dave Saker, I am the founder, Manager, song writer and lead guitar player in the band, Bad Boy Eddy. The band was originally formed in the mid to late 80’s with original members, myself and Eddie Vega. Originally playing iconic Bay Area venues including The Stone, The Omni and The Mabuhay Gardens. Recently re-connected in the early 2000’s with current members, Dave Saker – lead guitar, Eddy Vega – vocals, Larry Bernal – drums, Steve Jones – bass and Rob Peterson – lead guitar

Where is Bad Boy Eddy based out of and what is your local music scene like there? 
We are still based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and the original band music scene here is very competitive, many clubs/venues to play from Los Angeles to Sacramento. We get lots of Nationals passing through and have opened for many of them.

How did your recent show at CrüeFest 2018 go and what were some of the highlights?  And what do you think of the Los Angeles music scene overall? 
This was our second performance at CrüeFest, we went to open a can of whoop ass and we most certainly did! The scene in LA is different with many talented young performers and different styles of Rock and Roll. It was killer to perform at the world famous Whisky A Go Go!

Let’s talk about two of your songs you made videos for.  First off, what inspired the lyrics and video to the song Misery (She’s Crazy)?
I wrote the music and my drummer, Larry Bernal, came up with the lyrics and melody based on his life experiences.  I suppose a lot of men have had similar experiences with crazy women! HaHa! I know I have had a few in the past.  Larry and I collaborate well together; we are 80’s kind of guys. The video was done by a local young talent, Rockin Ryan Richardson and family, Music Junkie Press out of Santa Rosa CA; he also shot Funky Monkey and The Chosen Ones and our newest video, She Spits Venom.

And what inspired the lyrics and video to the song She Spits Venom?
Talk about crazy women! My son was telling us a story about a family member and he mentioned that every time she opened her mouth, she spit venom. I was on it, the perfect inspiration for a song! I had the chorus immediately and the video for it in my head from the beginning! Another collaboration with Larry Bernal writing the lyrics and Rockin Ryan shooting the video in my garage, believe it or not, and with the addition of Jessica Yuen-Benevides, an incredible dancer and friend, it was perfect!

With your CD Take A Bite Outta This released a few years back, how close is Bad Boy Eddy to writing and recording all new material?
We have some recordings in the works, but I have been recently concentrating on promoting what we have and completing the new videos. Will keep you posted on the new stuff.

What could one expect from a live Bad Boy Eddy show?
We are a high energy, arena rock band that delivers a fast paced, energetic show that gets everyone to the front of the stage and we always OPEN A CAN OF WHOOP ASS! We have a great following and it is an incredible feeling when everyone in the audience is singing along! Our front man, Eddy Vega, delivers the vocals and we are all about the show for our fans.

Who are some of the bands you have opened for in the past and is there any one live experience that really stands out for you?
We have shared the stage with Pat Travers, Jack Russell’s Great White, Uli Jon Roth, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, Lita Ford, Bulletboys, Michael Schenker, Enuff Z Nuff, Steve Pearcy and the mighty local legends –  Y&T. Sharing the stage with Dave Meneketti and crew was the highlight of my musical career! The house was packed and my amp blew during the first song, Dave came out with an amp for me to use. He and most of his band watched from the side stage for our whole set! We were blown away!

Are you involved with any other bands or solo projects outside of Bad Boy Eddy?
I have been writing and performing in the Bay Area my whole life, it is my passion and I have collaborated with many talented local musicians. I have a solo CD, Saker – From The Heart on Perris Records, I have Saker/Costa CD, soon to be released,  and I am working on releasing a 3rd – Saker/Gibson soon.

What’s up next for Bad Boy Eddy?
We are finishing up performing for 2018 and looking forward to spending time with our families, which is very important to all of us.

Any final words of wisdom?
As I said, there are a lot of very talented musicians that need to follow their passion, like I have. Follow your dream and follow your heart! A BIG thank you to all the Bad Boy Eddy fans for their love and support, WE LOVE YOU, you help make our dream come true!

Bad Boy Eddy is:
Eddy Vega – lead vocals
Dave Saker – guitar/vocals
Steve Jones – bass/vocals
Larry Bernal – drums/vocals
Rob Peterson- guitars

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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