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For The Record by Seven Hard Years (7HY) (Lion’s Pride Music)

For The Record by Seven Hard Years (7HY) (Lion’s Pride Music)

7HY aka Seven Hard Years has kept themselves busy since their humble inception in 2013, now releasing their third glorious magnum opus entitled For The Record. The creation of multi-instrumentalist Alan Kelly, best known as the former drummer of the legendary Shy, 7HY is the next great chapter in the brilliant career of an outstanding, scandalously underrated musician. Joining mastermind Kelly on the 7HY recordings is vocalist Shawn Pelata, who brings the lyrics to life with a grand amount of passion and conviction. Although the names are similar, Shy and 7HY are totally separate beasts entirely – and yet, surely fans of the former Shy will find a whole lot to admire about the melodic hard rock reveries the latter day 7HY has to offer.

For The Record launches into hyperspace with the wondrously timeless Never Say Goodbye, a dazzling track that should be commanding the radio airwaves in the past, present or future. Burning Rain is scorching and progressive, showing the mighty 7HY at their most rock and raging. Nothing Hurts Me Like You demonstrates 7HY’s knack for unveiling a superbly impassioned rock song that will stay in your head for ages. Uprising makes the listener want to stand up and raise their fists high in the air while Be Who We Want is a fearless anthem of rebellion that stuns that senses with it’s “there ain’t no heaven when you’re living in hell” reprieves. The persuasive tunes keep driving at the listener full force, dynamic selections such as That Song, Strangers Again, and We Can Be Strong leaving quite an impact. And be sure to stay tuned for the absolutely devastating final track What In The World, showing the resourceful 7HY at their most intriguing and ambitious.

A massive amount of emotion and sonic diversity may be found within For The Record, a rock solid slice of sonic artistry that is sure to inspire all who give a good listen. Shawn Pelata excels on lead vocals, whether he’s performing an up-tempo hard rocker or power ballad, Pelata’s really knows how to convey the lyrics with fire and passion. And Alan Kelly is an artist at the very height of his creative prowess.  Together Kelly and Pelata have unleashed a truly thrilling manifesto, jammed packed with an auditory diversity that is wondrously electrifying.

For The Record by 7HY is sure to wind up on many a Top Ten List when 2017 spins to its tumultuous conclusion. Be sure to check out the vibrant tapestries contained within For The Record, as well as the other standout releases from 7HY, and prepare to encounter your next favorite hard rock/AOR adventure.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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