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Alex Meister Inks Worldwide Deal With RFL Records

Alex Meister Inks Worldwide Deal With RFL Records

Alex Meister Inks Worldwide Deal With RFL Records; Ignites Melodic Hard Rock Fire with new single “It Ain’t ‘Bout Love”

Brazilian guitar wizard, Alex Meister, known worldwide for his work in front of the bands Pleasure Maker and Marenna-Meister, has inked a worldwide deal with RFL Records & Entertainment (USA). Meister has rekindled his solo career and launches the new single titled “It Ain’t ‘Bout Love.” The song is a very radio friendly, melodic gem that offers a chorus that runs through your brain and injects the masterful guitar licks that Meister has been known for over his career.

RFL Records CEO Jon Marchewka (Marhefka) notes: “This song is reminiscent of the tracks from the 1991 Kane Roberts’ “Saints And Sinners” album; Extremely melodic with a huge hook and chorus. Alex has transcended the eras and brought that flair into the 21st century. This song is stellar on so many levels. I think that melodic rock fans are really going to connect with all of the tunes that Alex has coming their way.”

It Ain’t ‘Bout Love” is the 1st single from the new full-length album that is in the works for 2022 release.

Video for “It Ain’t ‘Bout Love” can be seen here:

Meister discusses the new single with extreme pride:
It has a very special flavor because this song became one of the singles that won the most audience among all that I’ve released so far. That became clear to me the moment I wrote the melody for the chorus over the riff. “Now with the new recording and production it got even better!” explains the guitarist. Alex revisits his career from the beginning and rescues several tracks that will be released in a sequence of singles until completing the brand new album.”

The deal with RFL Records promises to bring the full effect of the talent that Alex Meister brings and spotlights it to a global audience.

Meister expresses excitement about the future with RFL Records:
I’m very excited to be a member of the RFL team. We share the same passion for the 80’s and early 90’s Hard Rock, so I’m sure releasing my second solo album here is gonna be a blast.

Alex Meister has been a guitarist for over 30 years and has worked as a teacher for just over 20. He went to expression bands in Rio de Janeiro in the 90’s until he became a member of the Heavy Metal band Thoten, with whom he performed several times in Brazil, including the opening show for the American band Savatage in 1998. He has also performed in the Gods Of Metal Festival in Milan, Italy, alongside Whitesnake, Motörhead, Queensrÿche, Saxon and Angra, in 2003. During his time at the festival, he was interviewed by Italian MTV.

During his career, he has edited five CDs inside and outside of Brazil; An instrumental/solo (Alex Meister “My Way in 2011), three with the Hard Rock band Pleasure Maker (“Love On the Rocks” in 2004, “Twisted Desire” in 2008 and “Dancin’ With Danger” in 2018) and his recent project Marenna-Meister (“Out of Reach” in 2020). In addition to being the guitarist, Alex also acted as the main composer and producer for all of the mentioned works.

In 2019 Meister released two singles for different projects, marking the new phase of his career and ending the cycle of the band Pleasure Maker after more than 15 years on the road. The first single, “Just Thinkin ‘About You,” reprised his solo career and debut on lead vocals. That was accompanied by the re-recording the track “Love On The Rocks,” which opened the doors for his debut album. The second single, “Follow Me Up,” with the new project Marenna-Meister, culminated in the signing of the contract with the label Lions Pride Music (Denmark) for the worldwide release of their 5th CD “Out of Reach” on September 28th 2020.

Alex has also made appearances recording songs by other artists and bands such as the project, Paradise inc. from São Paulo. Alex contributed in a work with several guests such as Mark Boals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and shared the guitars with Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin) on the single “Secrets.” He also appeared in 2016 with Argentine vocalist Alec Michels, on the single “Sacrifice,” which is part of Michels solo album “Marcado A Sangre.” This lead to Alex performing twice in Buenos Aires (Argentina), for the dissemination of this work in the same year and also gave interviews to websites and specialized magazines. Together with all the work, he also served as a technical reviewer of books on methods for guitar for some Brazilian publishers.

The new Alex Meister album is slated for a spring 2022 release with several singles releasing over the coming months as preambles to the album launch.

Alex Meister Band is:
Alex Meister (vocals and guitar)
Cris Gavioli (bass)
L.A. Tilly (drums)
Sidney Sohn (keyboards)

To Join Alex Meister:

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