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RECALIBRATE is Terje Eide’s (On The Rise) first solo album, under the moniker TERJE

RECALIBRATE is Terje Eide’s (On The Rise) first solo album, under the moniker TERJE

RECALIBRATE is Terje Eide’s (On The Rise) first solo album, under the moniker TERJE

After being signed to Italian Frontiers Records s.r.l (Whitesnake, Toto, Journey, Def Leppard) with the project On The Rise, Terje wanted to be independent and to own his own music. He has written, recorded, arranged and produced all the songs.  The album was inspired by the Roman god Janus, representing beginnings, transitions and endings. Like the two-headed Janus facing opposite directions, each of us should confront the past and recalibrate, in order to make the most out of the future. The past, however painful, is but a fading memory: “Recalibrate, reclaim your energy / Hazy days in the mind’s eye / Recalibrate a fading memory / That dreams have left to untie” (from the title track).

Terje’s characteristic vocals and powerful chorus accompanied by catchy riffs, groovy drums, melodious guitar solos interspersed with evocative synth tracks, takes us on an existential journey of self-reflection, hope and intent: through the dystopian landscape of ‘On Fire‘, via an energetic and nostalgic look at rock music history in ‘Play it Loud‘, set against today’s streaming culture that gives the artists little to live off – a theme reinforced in ‘All I’ve got‘: “Knees weaken as I climb / I breathe past my internal rhyme”; ‘To Be Continued’ takes its first two verses from The Divine Comedy, in which Dante in midlife crisis exclaims: “In the midst of my days / I shall go through the gates of hell.

On his journey through inferno, purgatory and paradise, he is confronted with humanity’s – and his own – abyss and potential redemption.  From here the song’s protagonist takes over the lyrical baton: “A story with no beginning, no end / But then again / I’ll rise from the unnamed / And soon live to tell»; Heartbreak and hope of reconciliation (‘Rollin’), longing (‘Why Don’t We‘); What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time and give yourself the advice of hindsight (‘Pathways’)? The album’s only ballad ‘Light of a New Day’ is dedicated to the exaltation of falling in love – because life certainly feels easier when you have someone to share it with. It’s all rounded off in ‘Rock Your World‘ with the proposition: ‘When dark matter takes control / Power up and rock your world‘.

The lyrics are co-authored with artist Ellen Ringstad. The team also includes Zsolt Meszaros on drums; Fritz Arild Aga plays bass on two of the songs; Los Angeles-based Eric Ragno has sprinkled some magic on additional piano, B3 and keyboards; Sound engineer Eirik Grønner in Demningen Studio did an amazing mixing job. The album was mastered by Bruno Gruel at French Audio Village. The cover art was designed by Nello Dell’Omo.On Fire‘ will also be released in a bonus version later – guest mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in Nashville, USA (Adele, Coldplay, Beyonce, Ozzy Osbourne, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan).

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