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IRONSTONE: Progressive Metalcore Band Release ferocious new single,’Red Hound’

IRONSTONE: Progressive Metalcore Band Release ferocious new single,’Red Hound’

IRONSTONE: Progressive Metalcore Band Release ferocious new single,’Red Hound’

Today Melbourne progressive metalcore outfit IRONSTONE releases ferocious new single ‘Red Hound’.

IRONSTONE delves deep into the tumultuous waters of love and heartbreak, demonstrating depth and diversity in their song writing. With their signature fusion of progressive elements and unyielding metalcore intensity, this track promises to captivate both die-hard fans and newcomers alike. The band’s instrumental prowess shines through in the intricate guitar work, complex drumming, and beautifully layered synths, while vocalist Edward Warren amplifies the song’s emotional depth and intensity with his impressive combination of soulful cleans and gut-wrenching screams. This is a raw and unapologetic exploration of love’s dark side.

This song explores the painful experience of falling for someone who manipulates your emotions, leading you into a web of false promises and heartache. It’s an anthem for those who’ve felt the sting of betrayal, and a reminder that love can be both beautiful and treacherous.” says lead vocalist Edward Warren. “I wanted the music to reflect the range of emotions a bad experience like this can put you through. Vulnerability, hope, sadness, distress, and finally, anger. Writing this song was somewhat of an emotional journey

Red Hound” is a testament to IRONSTONE’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre, and the emotional depth that defines their music. The accompanying music video serves as a visual counterpart to the song’s narrative, embracing a gothic aesthetic. Shot in a pine forest and featuring a beautiful woman in a red dress, it transports viewers to a dark and enchanting world that beautifully complements the song’s theme.

The single has been impeccably mixed and produced by Christopher Vernon, delivering a sonic experience that captures the essence of IRONSTONE’s electrifying live performances.

IRONSTONE is a progressive metalcore band who are rapidly earning a reputation for their technical ability, innovative sound and exceptional songwriting. Their strong commitment to pushing and exploring the boundaries of their genre becomes more evident with every release.

The band is composed of Edward Warren on vocals, brother Perry Warren on lead guitar, Samuel Angove on bass and Jackson Whyte on drums.

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