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Accept and Vicious Rumors at The Saban Theatre

Accept and Vicious Rumors at The Saban Theatre

Mark Tornillo and Wolf Hoffmann of Accept

Accept, Vicious Rumors, The Saban Theatre, September 4, 2017


The almighty Accept made their way to the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles, unleashing their Teutonic heavy metal rage to the many local fans in attendance. Accept set the Thursday night ablaze, performing selections from all across the span of a vast and epic career. Opening the with powerhouse Die By The Sword from their upcoming The Rise Of Chaos endeavorfollowed by a mesmerizing rendition of their modern day classic hit Stalingrad, Accept instantly had the Los Angeles metal masses absolutely enraptured. Those wanting a taste of the glorious past were treated to crowd favorites such as Restless & Wild, London Leatherboys, Princess Of The Dawn and a whole lot more! A mighty amount of new material from The Rise Of Chaos was unveiled, including classics in the making Koolaid, Carry The Weight, Analog Man, and No Regrets – all showcasing the legendary Accept in their finest hour!

In the year 2017, Accept remain a band ready to rise and conquer.  The Rise Of Chaos is their 4th masterwork with this current lineup, and this new era of Accept has certainly solidified and prospered. Within a live setting, each and every member delivers absolutely rapturous performances, including the participation of Wolf Hoffmann on guitar, Peter Baltes on bass, Mark Tornillo on vocals, Christopher Williams on drums, and Uwe Lulis on guitar. Closing out their set with a devastating three song encore of Metal Heart, Teutonic Terror and the landmark Balls To The Wall, Accept looked into the past catalog and brought the songs to life with an all-out vengeance! And how fortunate with The Rise Of Chaos, Accept has passionate new material to tantalize audiences for the diabolical metal ages ahead! Be sure to catch Accept as they devastate The Rose in Pasadena on September 30th! You will not want to miss this very special performance!

Geoff Thorpe of Vicious Rumors

Vicious Rumors

Underground thrash metal legends Vicious Rumors were personally selected to open to Accept at The Saban Theatre, and their short yet superbly intensive set captivated the early arrivals. Vicious Rumors has 12 classic studio albums to date, culminating in their most recent Concussion Protocol manifesto on SPV Records! The one mainstay in the band since 1979 has been lead guitarist Geoff Thorpe, and in this modern day, he plays with a stunning amount skill and conviction. Also unleashing magnificent axe work is their new 18 year old guitarist Gunnar DüGrey, adding a dazzling amount of heavy metal bravado to the proceedings! Together Thorpe and DüGrey make a thrilling dynamic guitar duo filling the cavernous Saban with a grand and lethal amount of shred.

Vocalist Brian Allen has made a triumphant return to the Vicious Rumors brigade, and his exhilarating performances of each and every song was staggering to behold. The kickass Vicious Rumors rhythm section for a night in the City of Angels and beyond was brought to you courtesy of Stephen Goodwin on bass and Joe Spencer on drums. Included within the Vicious Rumors’ set were explosive renditions of Murder Ball, Let The Garden Burn, Hellraiser, Soldiers Of The Night, and Don’t Wait For Me. Here’s hoping we see a whole lot more of Vicious Rumors here in the States in the future heavy metal days ahead! Watch for an interview with Vicious Rumors‘ lead guitarist Geoff Thorpe, coming soon to Highwire Daze Online!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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