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Alison Moyet at The Fonda Theater

Alison Moyet, The Fonda Theater, Hollywood, CA, September 27, 2017

The Other North American Tour has now come to an end. In highest of fashion, Alison Moyet shared stories from moving out of the country in a big house not knowing neighbors, to moving into the small city of Brighton England. She performed songs mostly from the new album to everyone’s delight. Here and there Alison Moyet unveiled some of her work she did with her first band Yaz which from the 1980’s. This performance used two artistic keyboards with one members also played electric guitar. The full sound behind the lovely vocals was astounding, making for a grand and intimate evening.

The show started with the song April 10th , from the new album Other, as Alison and her band slowly took to the stage. There was no opening band or performer – just Alison this entire magical evening. The audience gave an enormous amount of applause when Alison took to the stage. Playful conversation and glorious songs enveloped the iconic Fonda Theater auditorium.

The set list included such songs as I Germinate, When I Was A Girl , The Rarest Birds, Happy Giddy, Beautiful Gun, Lover Go, Only You, Situation, Did I Bring Your Love Done, Nobody’s Diary, Only You and a hand full of other gems too. The evening set was an hour and a half, plus a three song encore! At 56, shines like an angel – with strong vocals that I’m sure will bring more albums to come and hopefully another great live performance as we were blessed with this evening.

One song that Alison did was a song called A Man In The Wings. This song she said was how a straight girl could have a close relationship with a gay man. This was so touching of her to bring to the forefront to show compassion to all, no matter who we are, but to communicate and get closer acquainted. That was the message all inclusive, getting closer and simply by living and communicating with each Other.

(Review and Photo by Jonathan D. Wright)

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